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Our people are located in the key venture capital hubs around the world

We are an unusually diverse team of venture capitalists and dealmakers focused on creating mutual value. We are organised by sector to bring specialist domain knowledge as well as commercial flair through our board engagements and new investments.

Our people are located in the key venture capital hubs around the world.
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Meghan Sharp

Global head of bp ventures 
Meghan Sharp

Meghan leads bp’s global corporate venture capital arm. 


Leaning on more than fifteen years of experience helping venture capital backed companies thrive, she brings the technical and commercial capabilities to grow new businesses that support bp’s net zero ambitions. 


Meghan has a rich academic background which includes a PhD in microbial genetics from the University of California, San Francisco, postdoctoral work at the Carnegie Institute at Stanford, and an MBA in venture capital from Columbia University. Positions outside of bp include chief operating officer of venture backed start-up Beyond Limits and various roles at life-science based private venture capital funds based in New York and San Francisco. 

As a long-term San Francisco resident, on the weekends, you’ll typically find Meghan enjoying the food and culture in “the amazing city!”  

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