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Ambition and achievement: Dina Mendes

22 August 2019
Dina supports BP’s Greater Plutonio Floating Production, Storage and Offloading unit (FPSO) offshore in Angola; she has developed from graduate to technician trainee to becoming a member of the management team

Dina Mendes joined BP in 2006 and was initially part of the company’s Challenge programme designed to develop graduate hires.


She has gone from technician trainee, learning her craft in BP’s Dimlington Terminal in the UK, to becoming a member of the management team at our large-scale deepwater operation Plutão, Saturno, Vénus and Marte (PSVM) in Angola where she provides constant, real-time surveillance of the oil production process.


“I’ve been exposed to many different areas and gained so much experience,” says Dina. “I love everything about my job, but in particular I’m thrilled when the engineering solutions that I work on are implemented safely offshore.”



Traditionally, recruiting female engineers has not been easy but BP is investing in a range of activities and resources designed to inspire more girls and boys into science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects. These include providing classroom resources, supporting awards and linking employees with their local schools.


"Breaking into a male-dominated environment was the biggest challenge, but there was a lot of support from my peers. If you put no limitations on yourself, no one will see any limitations in you."


It’s something that her industry and talent has borne out. As she says: “My career with BP has been quite exciting. I have worked in the UK, US and Angola to get to where I am. I felt very proud of myself when I was asked to join the team on PSVM, I knew that all of my hard work had paid off. I look forward to a long career in BP."