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Thriving in a fast-paced role: Lavina’s story

28 October 2021

As the lead strategist, Lavina provides bp’s traders with analysis about demand and supply shifts in oil markets around the world

Lavina studied economics and statistics at the National University of Singapore, a global financial centre and home to the world’s second largest port, and so it’s perhaps unsurprising that she developed a keen interest in trading and shipping. She explains, 


I happened to meet an economics professor who specialised in shipping ports and I ended up writing my honours year thesis on the shipping industry. The obvious route afterwards was to look for a job in the sector, which is how I ended up at bp!

Since joining the company in 2005, Lavina has held increasingly complex roles with a focus on both shipping and trading and over the last 16 years with bp, has progressively gained experience across the oil barrel. Lavina explains. “I started as an analyst working on chemicals, before moving onto liquefied petroleum gas and then to the middle distillate and fuel oil desk.” Currently, she is bp’s regional lead market strategist for crude oil.


Thriving in a dynamic environment


As the lead strategist, Lavina provides bp’s traders with analysis about demand and supply shifts in oil markets around the world. The nature and variety of these shifts is something that Lavina relishes. “I work side by side with oil traders to help them take positions,” she explains. 


We are working with vast amounts of data and information – modelling a barrel of crude oil from when it comes out of the ground right down to the end user.

Lavina began analysing crude oil in 2018, having previously focussed on fuel oil and middle distillates. Each role focussing on a different product brings with it new opportunities to learn yet builds on previous expertise, as each product is driven by very different demand and supply drivers, but is highly interlinked, Lavina explains. “Those initial few months on each desk have been the biggest challenges that I have had to overcome at every stage of my career”.


For Lavina, the volatility of different markets contributes to a dynamic environment in which she thrives.


It’s fast-paced and challenges me in a positive way.


There’s loads of changes you need to stay on top of on at any one time, from what will be taking place at the next OPEC meeting, to tracking global mobility data and monitoring different consumer trends.

A continuous cycle of support


Lavina admits, “analytics is a highly intense job that can be stressful at times,” but says that 


at bp it’s a very civil and friendly environment.

She credits the role of her managers who have offered her support whenever she has needed it and, now a mentor herself, Lavina has continued bp’s cycle of support and development. “To see our graduates develop and grow gives me great pleasure and a real sense of pride,” she explains. Thinking about the next generation of analysts, Lavina feels now is an exciting time to join the company. 


We’re looking for people who are savvy and enthusiastic about learning new things, because this is an environment that changes every day. The work will be full of challenges and opportunities to grow personally.


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