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Life@bp podcast – following your heart

8 October 2020

A conversation with UK based Katrin and Rishi

In this episode we’re talking with Katrin (environmental products originator) and Rishi (carbon management analyst) – both joined bp on our graduate programmes and now both are playing key roles as we head towards a low carbon future


We hear how they’ve made the most of the variety on offer at bp and what made them switch the direction of their careers to focus on projects that are much closer to their hearts.


Katrin and Rishi also share their experiences of joining bp, why you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room and how having the confidence to talk to people just might be the biggest attribute you possess.

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Sometimes serious and sometimes playful, throughout the series you’ll hear stories, insights and reflections that enlighten and inspire. From life at bp and beyond. 

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