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Designing digital transformation: Mukta’s story

3 March 2021

Having joined bp 10 years ago in a marketing and communications role, Mukta now is bp’s head of CX and digital product delivery for fleet and B2B portfolio and has put her unique stamp on work to drive digital transformation across the business

Coming from a family of architects, Mukta naturally studied architecture at university before deciding to pursue her passion for design. “I was a bit rebellious, so I made plans to do something different – I started working with exhibitions, design and advertising agencies”, she explains. 


It was a good decision, and following various marketing roles, Mukta joined bp to run digital communications and marketing campaigns that promoted bp’s sustainability efforts and looked to grow developing markets.


From filling gaps to reimagining energy 


Since then, Mukta has put her own unique stamp on work to drive digital transformation across the business. Five years ago, when bp noticed gaps in their user experience, Mukta had the opportunity to take on a new role as global head of digital transformation for Castrol. “We recognised that the external world was changing – digital was fast becoming the engrained way of working, with new channels for people to connect with vendors or customers”, she recalls. 


Today, as bp’s head of CX and digital product delivery, for fleet and B2B portfolio, Mukta’s team focuses on the development of digital platforms. It’s all about managing business and consumer needs more efficiently, an endeavour that is key to bp’s net zero ambition. 


Digital transformation sits at the heart of reimagining energy.


My team and I are focused on changing existing ways of working, by shifting how we connect with our customers and how they connect with us through digital and online platforms.

A growth mindset


Mukta attributes her successes both to her tenacity and to the support that she’s received along the way. “My line manager at that time saw that I had the aptitude and willingness to take on new things, and to grow and learn quickly”, she says, “alongside a tenacious attitude to get things done”.


Her work hasn’t gone unnoticed – Mukta’s proudest achievement in her early days with bp was creating a digital carbon calculator for bp.com. “It was a Helios Award Finalist”, she says. 


More recently, she is proud of putting bp’s digital transformation team together. 



bp is talking about adopting agile ways of working across our business, bringing the customer to the centre and working from a design perspective – I’m proud that we have been an early adopter of this way of thinking. It reaffirms that we were on the right track.


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