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Driving positive change: Tiffany’s story

15 February 2023

With a career background in medical billing and healthcare administration, Tiffany has worked for a wide range of companies

Tiffany Bailey

Tiffany has always been passionate about having a positive impact on the lives of those around her. On Sundays she volunteers at both the nursery and greetings ministries at her church and at work she is involved in a range of initiatives that aim to increase diversity and inclusion at bp. 


Speaking about these passions, Tiffany explains: “When I see there is work to be done somewhere, I’m the type of person who wants to dedicate time to making it better. DE&I is a topic that has stood with me and I want to be in the midst of the positive changes that are happening.”


Tiffany joined bp in 2018 as an owner relations analyst, working for bp’s US onshore oil and gas business. She is responsible for interacting with bp’s royalty owners – the various stakeholders that have rights to oil and gas and are issued royalty payments by bp. 


“To do my job well I have to get to know the royalty owners that bp interacts with on a personal level,” Tiffany says. “I’m their key point of contact and want to make sure that they have the best experience of working with bp. This means having patience, understanding, integrity and compassion.” 


Supporting organizational change


With a career background in medical billing and healthcare administration, Tiffany has worked for a wide range of companies. 


This experience means she’s not afraid to speak out when she sees room for improvement. “I like being part of organizational change”, she explains. “If I see something that may not be working as effectively as it could, I’m the type to raise it and suggest alternatives that may work better.”


Shortly after joining bp, Tiffany decided to pursue a Master’s in HR Management. With just a few classes left in her programme, she feels excited about what she’ll be able to achieve.


“Now that I’m learning more about HR, I can help be part of the change I want to see. As I learn more, I’ll feel comfortable speaking out when I notice we’re not supporting our employees in the right way – and suggest better solutions.”

As Tiffany studies hard for her next qualification, she has been amazed at the support she’s received at work.


She shares: 


At bp they promote growth. My manager has supported my efforts and encourages me to get involved with HR initiatives whenever I’m able.

Bringing diverse talent into bp


Alongside her work Tiffany is a member of the Black Collective, one of bp’s many business resource groups (BRGs).


At bp the BRGs connect people with shared experiences and identities to facilitate wider awareness and engagement with DE&I related topics.


She explains:


We have many different BRGs for LGBTQ+, Veterans, people with disabilities and more. “At bp, the work environment makes everyone feel welcome to be a part of the organization.

As part of her work with the Black Collective, Tiffany is involved in initiatives focused on bringing a more diverse pool of employees to bp through outreach to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic serving institutions and high schools in underserved communities.


“I think this kind of action is very impactful. I went to an underserved high school, and, at the time, it would have been great to have had access to initiatives like this... Tiffany reflects.


Getting the word out to students who may not know about STEM programmes is important and I think we need to push that even more.


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