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3Q results: performing while transforming

Release date:
27 October 2020
Here’s our quick guide to the key facts and figures in bp’s latest quarterly results

“Having set out our new strategy in detail, our priority is execution and, despite a challenging environment, we are doing just that. Major projects are coming online, our consumer-facing businesses are really delivering, and we remain firmly focused on cost and capital discipline.”
Bernard Looney

Bernard Looney, chief executive officer

“I’m incredibly proud of our team – they are at the operational heart of bp, dedicated to producing the affordable hydrocarbon energy and products the world needs – safely, cleanly and efficiently.”
Gordon Birrell

Gordon Birrell, EVP of production & operations

Resilient and focused hydrocarbons in action

“We have strong businesses today. They have scale and they are growing. They are delivering cash and strong returns. And we see more growth to come. In the next decade, we aim to nearly double our earnings.”
Emma Delany

Emma Delaney, EVP of customers & products

Installing bp Chargemaster super-fast chargers

“We are confident that we can deliver returns of 8 to 10% from our renewables businesses. In Lightsource bp, for example, we are already seeing project returns consistently towards the higher end of this range.”
Dev Sanyal

Dev Sanyal, EVP of gas & low carbon energy

Building a Lightsource bp solar project in Spain

“We are building new partnerships to provide integrated energy and mobility solutions to help cities and industries to reduce carbon emissions while creating exciting business opportunities.”
William Lin

William Lin, EVP of regions, cities & solutions

Partnering with cities and corporates for a low carbon future

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