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First gas from Ghazeer

Release date:
12 October 2020
bp has started production from the Ghazeer field in the Omani desert ahead of schedule. Our latest gas start-up delivers critical national infrastructure for Oman and reflects bp’s commitment to resilient and focused hydrocarbons
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The remarkable story of unlocking energy from deep below the Omani desert has just entered a new chapter with the start-up of natural gas production from the Ghazeer field located in the country’s remote interior. 


The next wave of production for Oman has come onstream ahead of schedule, thanks to major advances in efficiency and working practices. 


And flaring reduction techniques – honed in the US onshore – helped to drive down emissions during critical on-site well testing. 

Bernard’s view on LinkedIn

“When we introduced our plans to reinvent bp, we were clear that to deliver them we have to perform as we transform. There are few better examples of how we are doing just that than Ghazeer.”

The project exemplifies what a resilient and focused hydrocarbons business looks like, according to bp CEO Bernard: 


“When we introduced our plans to reinvent bp, we were clear that to deliver them, we have to perform as we transform. There are few better examples of how we are doing just that than Ghazeer. This project has been delivered with capital discipline four months early, wells are being drilled in record times and, importantly, safety performance has been excellent.”

Bringing production safely online from the Ghazeer field, where the gas is locked in dense rocks five kilometres underground, extends bp’s track record of overcoming challenging geological conditions to deliver energy for Oman’s economy. It comes less than three years after the start-up of the Khazzan field in 2017.


Both fields are part of Block 61, in which bp has a 60% stake, along with partners Makarim Gas Development Limited (OQ), which has 30%, and Petronas, with 10%. 

“I am delighted to see bp bringing the Ghazeer gas field online – it’s an important project for Oman and we are extremely proud of it. The gas from Ghazeer will contribute towards Oman’s 2040 vision in terms of providing additional energy to local industries, as well as diversifying the economy.”


His Excellency Dr Mohammed Al Rumhy, Minister of Energy & Minerals of the Sultanate of Oman

With the introduction of Ghazeer, production capacity is expected to rise to 1.5 billion cubic feet per day and more than 65,000 barrels per day of associated condensate. 


With an estimated 10.5 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas resources, the block has the capacity to deliver approximately 35% of Oman’s total gas demand.


And applying lessons learned from onshore operations in the US, Ghazeer wells were tested using the ‘green completions’* concept, which sent hydrocarbons during testing to a production facility instead of flaring them. 

Since adopting this approach in 2019, 201,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions were eliminated – equivalent to removing 44,000 cars from the road for a year. 


A core part of bp’s new strategy is resilient and focused hydrocarbons – one part of bp’s business that will provide the cashflow needed to help fund the transition to an integrated energy company. 

Ghazeer project highlights

💡 Why it matters


  • It provides energy for Oman’s economy, working with our long-standing partners.
  • Uses lower-emissions technology designed in from the start.
  • During the development of Ghazeer, bp has worked closely with local vendors to develop their capabilities and help them to be competitive, both in Oman and globally, resulting in a number of contracts and technical scopes moving from international to local Omani contractors. Updated, industry-leading policies and procedures on workers’ welfare and human rights have also been embedded throughout the project.
  • Showcases bp performing as we transform – delivering ahead of schedule.
  • Our resilient and focused hydrocarbon business is the engine room of our strategy.

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