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BP has had an upstream presence in Oman since 2007 and is a major investor in the country

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What we do

BP has a long history of oil and gas exploration and production in the Middle East. It is a major investor in Oman and one of the world’s pioneers in tight gas production, bringing technology and experience to develop one of the Middle East’s largest unconventional gas resources – the Khazzan field in Block 61.

In late September 2017, BP started production from Phase One of the Khazzan gas field. Phase One of Khazzan is made up of 200 wells feeding into a two-train central processing facility, with production expected to plateau at 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day (bcf/d). Once the second phase of the Khazzan is fully up and running, production is expected rise to1.5 bcf/d. Approximately 300 wells are expected to be drilled over the estimated lifetime of the Khazzan field.

The Khazzan tight gas reserves lie at depths of up to five kilometres in narrow bands of extremely hard, dense rock. These complex and challenging conditions require specialized drilling equipment, the precise drilling of both vertical and horizontal wells, and well stimulation to free the gas. Phases One and Two will together develop an estimated 10.5 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas resources. The total gas produced will make a significant contribution to ensure stable supplies from domestic sources.

One of the rig sites at the Khazzan field

A BP drilling engineer and completion supervisor inspect a 5½” tubing hanger prior to installation

A 'christmas tree' during one of the rig moves at the Khazzan field, Oman

Turning a 36" valve to connect the gas to the government's gas pipeline

Part of the central processing facility at the Khazzan field

Out and about with the BP Young Adventurers programme - part of BP Oman's social investment activities

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On 16 December 2013, BP and the government of the Sultanate of Oman signed a gas sales agreement and an amended production sharing agreement (EPSA) for the development of the Khazzan field in Block 61, known as Khazzan Phase One. In November 2016, the EPSA was amended to extend the license area of the block and enable further development of additional resources in the area that have been identified by drilling activity, Phase Two.

To deliver Khazzan, BP formed a joint venture with Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production (OOCEP), where BP is the operator of Block 61 and holds a 60% interest, and OCCEP holds a 40% interest. It took less than four years, a workforce of 13,500 at peak times and more than 90 million man-hours logged to build the Khazzan project.

Other BP activities in the Sultanate of Oman:

  • Lubricants are distributed through the Oman Oil Marketing Company SAOG (OOMCO), which markets both BP and Castrol brands through a network of OOMCO-branded forecourts, Lubesplus sites and high street retailers.
  • Air BP provides technical advice, training and management services related to aviation operations and marketing.
  • BP Marine manages an extensive fuel bunkering operation at Salalah Port in southern Oman.

Our people

BP Oman has its main office in Al Khuwair in Muscat and employs around 700 people. Around 70% of our workforce is Omani nationals, working alongside a highly diverse international workforce from 48 countries brining global experience in tight gas production.

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Community investment

BP Oman’s social investment programme is a unique model that works towards serving and empowering local Omani capabilities in driving Oman towards a self-sufficient and progressive future. Launched in 2014, the social investment programme has run more than 45 initiatives on the first three seasons, benefitting more than 33,000 Omanis from local communities near the Khazzan site and across Oman.

BP Oman’s social investment programme aims to support Oman’s national priorities in the development of Omani people, economic diversification and job creation. The social investment programme delivers projects under three main themes:

  1. Enterprise development
  2. Education
  3. Energy sustainability

Please use the contact details below to call or write to us at BP Oman. We aim to deal with your enquiries as quickly as possible.

BP’s office in Oman

BP Exploration (Epsilon) Ltd
PO Box 1649, PC 130 (Al Aziba) Muscat
Bait Salam Building
Sultanate of Oman

Office: (00968) 22121000
Fax: (00968) 24602044

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