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Reinventing bp – ending the year safely

Release date:
1 December 2020
As the reinvention process draws to a close, Bernard thanks all employees  ̶  leaving and remaining  ̶  for their hard work and service to the company

Hello everyone

When we announced the need to restructure bp, we also said our goal was for most people to know their status by December. We have now reached that milestone and – in most locations – people have had their outcome conversation with their line manager. 


Team changes

The next few weeks will mean a lot of change for everyone. Many of you will have new colleagues or line managers – while others are preparing to begin new roles. 

Sadly, we are also saying goodbye to many great colleagues, most of whom have dedicated years to bp – sometimes decades. I’m really sorry and I want to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for our company. You have my word that bp will support you as best we can as you transition to your next chapter. 

Of course, the selection process hasn’t finished for everyone. There are some of you reading this email who are in countries where local rules mean that the timeline will take a little longer.


Safety first

The end of the year is busy in normal times, with work to finish and deadlines to meet, but the reinvent process adds a whole new level of complexity. So, as we near the end of an especially challenging year, I ask you all to please stay focused on safety – look after yourselves and your colleagues.


For those leaving or changing roles, that includes focusing on your management of change (MOC). Simply put – lives depend on it.
As always, make sure you look after your own safety and wellbeing as well – if you have any concerns, please speak up. And remember the employee assistance programme is available.

I will be in touch again before the end of the year but, for now, thank you for all you are doing and please continue to look after yourselves and your families.

With thanks



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