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On The Move, new research launching

Release date:
7 November 2019
Will driverless taxis or flying cars feature in the next 10, 20 or 30 years? A new report looks ahead

The On The Move research also shows that, while many opportunities exist, there’s no single agreed solution to decarbonizing road travel.


The BP-commissioned survey by transport consultancy Systra explores what the future of transport might look like,  talking to 22 experts and 12,000 consumers across the UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands to reveal different attitudes to low carbon transport. It  uncovered:


Key findings:

  • Gaps exist between experts’ view of the pace of change and consumer readiness.
  • But, according to the Systra research, both groups recognize the need to develop a range of greener transport choices, rather than focus on any one solution. 



In detail:

The transport industry experts from the private sector, government and academia paint a similar vision of the future of transport that blends autonomous vehicles, connected transport, electric cars and shared mobility (ACES).

What consumers believe:

  • 23% do not think any of the ACES technology experts predict will happen by 2030.
  • 56% predict autonomous taxis will be commonplace by 2050; but only 10% think they would use them. 
  • 60% believe drone home delivery will be commonplace by 2050; but only 17% would use them.  
  • Just 11% see themselves driving more efficient petrol/diesel cars.
“This report shines a light on consumers’ desire for change but also highlights issues that need to be overcome. The way we should all go about tackling this broad and complicated set of issues is by working together.”


Tufan Erginbilgic, chief executive of Downstream, BP


Ultimately, On The Move shows that greater collaboration across industry, government, companies and consumers is key to driving change at speed and scale. 

What do you think?

Excited by electric vehicles or fear the very idea of flying cars? Is car ownership important to you, or do you welcome the idea of shared mobility?


Find out how your thoughts compare with 12,000 consumers surveyed across the UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands on our future of transport microsite

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