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StoreDot and BP present world-first full charge of an electric vehicle in five minutes

Release date:
12 June 2019
  • World-first demonstration, rapidly and fully charging an electric scooter, showcases game-changing potential of ultra-fast charging batteries for electric vehicles 
  • Ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles key to preparing industry for electrification and reducing the environmental impact of transportation
StoreDot and BP have charged an electric vehicle in five minutes


Tel Aviv, Israel, 12th June 2019 – Yesterday for the first time, StoreDot and its strategic partner BP demonstrated a live, full-charge of a two-wheel electric vehicle (EV) in just five minutes. An electric scooter equipped with StoreDot’s ultra-fast charging battery demonstrated that this technology can charge an electric vehicle in only five minutes. This proof-of-concept represents a major milestone for ultra-fast charging battery technology and its game-changing potential to accelerate the adoption of EVs.


StoreDot’s ultra-fast charging battery technology offers the potential to bring electric vehicle charging times down to current refueling times. When coupled with the required ultra-fast charging infrastructure, it is expected to dramatically improve the EV ownership experience and play a key role in the earlier adoption of EVs – reducing the environmental impact of transportation as a result.


“Ultra-fast charging is at the heart of BP’s electrification strategy, which is why we invested in StoreDot last year, and why we are supporting this technology demonstration today”


Jon Salkeld, technology director for BP’s AMU

“Within today’s society of time poverty, a five-minute charge enabled by ultra-fast charging batteries and infrastructure, can make an EV as attractive to users as a petrol or diesel one,” explains Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot. “By using a two-wheel electric vehicle from Torrot, we have demonstrated the transformative potential of this technology for the first time in a real-life application, which will be applied to four-wheel electric vehicles in the future. This is an important milestone for the industry, and we will continue to evolve our technology in close collaboration with our partner BP to help in EV adoption.” 


BP’s Advanced Mobility Unit (AMU) is committed to using its energy expertise to develop the fastest, most convenient network of home, destination and forecourt charging in key locations across the world.

“Ultra-fast charging is at the heart of BP’s electrification strategy, which is why we invested in StoreDot last year, and why we are supporting this technology demonstration today,” says Jon Salkeld, technology director for BP’s AMU. “For the industry as a whole, this demonstration proves that an ultra-fast charging world will soon be possible and supports our goal of helping to create the infrastructure and collaboration framework required to facilitate a wider global technological shift to electric vehicles.” 


StoreDot will continue to work with BP, and its other key strategic partners, to progress the development and deployment of its ultra-fast charging battery technology across industry.

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BP press office, London: +44 (0)20 7496 4076, bppress@bp.com
Incus Media, Fiona Roberts: +44 (0) 1737 215200, StoreDot@incus-media.com

About StoreDot:

StoreDot Ltd. is a battery materials innovation leader, developing ground-breaking technologies based on a unique methodology for the design and synthesis of both organic and inorganic compounds. Designed to replace known technologies with enhanced electro-chemical properties, StoreDot's proprietary compounds, combined with nano-materials, are optimized for ultra-fast charging of mobile devices and electric vehicles.

About BP Advanced Mobility Unit:


BP’s Advanced Mobility Unit has been set up to build material, sustainable businesses for BP’s Downstream business in a low carbon, digitally-enabled future. Responding to new and disruptive trends in mobility, including electrification of transport, autonomous vehicles and changing ownership patterns, the team looks for options beyond the Downstream’s core businesses and explores ways that BP can leverage its assets, capabilities and brands through new partnerships and business models.

About Torrot:

Torrot is a Spanish company founded in 1948. In 2011, the company started the adventure of designing technologically advanced vehicles that would ecologically fit within the world we live in today. Torrot connects its vehicles with users and cities, offering an efficient, safe and sustainable smart city. Today it's positioned as the company of personal mobility interconnected for the next electric vehicle generation.