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Our business in Luxembourg dates back to 1948
Local websites (Sites are in German / Seiten sind in Deutsch)

What we do

When you think about Luxembourg, the chances are that you probably think 'small', which is hardly surprising, considering the size of our country and its population. When you think about our business in Luxembourg, however, you should think 'big'. In fact, our retail sites here are among the biggest in the world. The largest has an annual throughput of more than 100 million litres of fuel, with a shop turnover of more than €20 million per year.

BP Ultimate diesel, BP gasoline fuels and our unique compressed natural gas offer for cars push us towards the leading-edge of the retail sector in Luxembourg.

In 1948, BP Luxembourg was created; today we operate about 50 service stations and each one is packed with activity.


Our people and partners

We employ some 20 people in Luxembourg, mainly in Bertrange. Most are local residents.


Community investment

Our community programme is quite diverse; each year we support one or two local charities and we are active in the educational space by sponsoring different activities.

Please use the contact details below to email, call or write to us at BP Luxembourg. We aim to deal with your enquiries as quickly as possible.

BP Luxembourg

Aire de Capellen

L-8309 Capellen


Phone: +352 39 81 991
Fax: +352 39 70 46

Employment enquiries

BP Luxembourg

Email: aral@aral.lu