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Saudi Arabia

Our main business in Saudi Arabia is the supply and trading of petroleum products
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Person with camels in desert, Saudi Arabia

What we do

Our integrated supply and trading team purchases and supplies a wide range of crude oil and refined products that are destined for bp’s vast refining and marketing networks, as well as to other international petroleum markets.

The bp representative office in Riyadh helps to direct, coordinate and assist all bp activities in the kingdom. The office is responsible for supporting bp business development activities and expanding relationship networks within the local business community.


Our people and partners

Castrol lubricants are distributed by the Alkhorayef Group, based in Jeddah.

bp has a 25% stake in the Peninsular Aviation Services Company (PASCO), a joint venture founded in 1976 between Shell (25% as operator) and local partners including SAM (20%), Sheikh Ashmawi (22%) and the Kamal Adham family (8%). Based in Jeddah, the company has aviation refuelling operations at Jeddah, Medina and other airports.


Community investment

All our businesses throughout the Gulf region support the bp Young Adventurers programme. Developed by bp to help educate 14- to 16-year-olds, the programme has taken thousands of teenagers on weekends of learning and adventure to help build their self-awareness, develop their leadership skills, and encourage them to become more safety-conscious and environmentally aware.

Please use the contact details below to email, call or write to us at bp in Saudi Arabia. We aim to deal with your enquiries as quickly as possible.

bp Saudi Arabia

Representative office

PO Box 58640, Riyadh 11515
Saudi Arabia


Phone: +966 1 248 0752
Fax: +966 1 248 0381
Email: rayyanr@bp.com