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bp Ventures

backing innovative technologies and visionary founders
which could help revolutionise the energy sector.

About us

bp Ventures is the venturing arm of bp – backing innovative technologies and visionary founders which could help revolutionise the energy sector.


Our investments support bp’s transition growth engines, while also enhancing core operations and paving the way for future disruptive opportunities. We invest in Series A onwards but in some cases have invested in earlier stages. 

Since launching in 2007, bp Ventures has
Backed around75startups
Deployed$1.2bnin capital

We invest in

energy sector visionaries – those with transformational ideas which could help revolutionise the sector.

We invest to

support bp’s strategy today while also providing insights that may help pave the way for the disruptive opportunities of tomorrow.

We give founders

access to bp’s deep and global network to accelerate and scale their companies.


We are now deploying Fund 5, and we are focused on

Supporting our operations

Investments that may support bp’s operations and help to deliver some of our sustainability frame aims relating to:

  • Becoming a net zero company by 2050 or sooner and helping the world get to net zero.
  • Caring for our planet.
Supporting the growth engines


Investments in aid of bp’s growth engines: EV charging, renewables, bioenergy, convenience, hydrogen:

  • Helping to deliver near-term business ambitions whilst backing breakthrough innovations and longer-term next generation technologies.
Exploring the 'white space'

Investments beyond the disruptors:

  • Backing the disruptive technologies and opportunities that can inform and support the development of future bp strategies.
Over 90% of Fund 5 capital deployment is planned to be focused in and around the transition growth engines and explore areas, with 10% focused on supporting our operations.*
*All investments will be assessed on their merit.

While today we’re mostly in oil and gas, we increased the proportion of our global annual investment that went into our lower carbon and other transition businesses from around 3% in 2019 to around 23% in 2023.

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The world's transition to a more secure, more affordable, lower carbon energy system needs massive investment in lower carbon energies AND continued investment in oil and gas as the alternatives grow. We're transforming bp to play our part – discover more below

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