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Oil and gas

Natural gas will play an important role in the transition to net zero

Today, natural gas allows billions of people to enjoy access to lower carbon heat and power. As the world works towards net zero emissions, natural gas will play an important role in getting us there.


With far lower emissions than coal, when natural gas is burnt for power, it is a much cleaner way of generating electricity. 


As electricity production increasingly switches to renewable sources, gas is a flexible partner to wind and solar, providing quick and reliable back-up power.


bp Australia’s gas business 

bp has a proud history of operations in Australia since 1919. We are focused on advancing the role of Australian resources in meeting the region’s demand for significantly more energy with fewer emissions. 

Our Australian gas business has operated since the 1960s and is set to play a crucial role in the energy transition and in achieving our ambition of being a net zero company by 2050 or sooner.

North west shelf
Angel CCS

North West Shelf

bp is a foundation investor in the NWS project. The operation covers offshore production platforms, trunk lines and onshore gas processing facilities. The NWS has been producing LNG, pipeline gas, condensate and LPG since the 1980s. The NWS is one of the largest LNG export projects in the region. From March 2022, NWS has enhanced its facilities to allow the import of third party gas into the onshore plant for processing into LNG.

The project is operated by Woodside and bp has a 16.67% interest. bp holds a 16.67% interest in the NWS infrastructure and a 15.78% interest in the gas and condensate fields. 


The Browse project is based on a world-class gas resource of 14.6 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, and approximately 412 million barrels of condensate and natural gas liquids. It’s located in the offshore Browse basin, around 425km north of Broome, Western Australia, and includes the Calliance, Brecknock and Torosa fields.


Lower carbon gas will play a critical role in the energy transition and the development of Browse could deliver domestic gas to help address shortfall forecast in early 2030s.


The project is operated by Woodside and bp has a 44.33% interest. 

Angel CCS

Angel will be designed to serve as a multi-user carbon capture and storage hub near Karratha, Western Australia. It is ideally located to help

decarbonise existing, hard-to-abate sectors and support Australia’s energy transition. The project has the potential to facilitate development of new
lower-carbon industries and provide a local solution for domestic and international carbon emissions. 


The project is operated by Woodside and bp has a 20% interest.