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Advancing the energy transition

What can the world do to make transport low carbon?

There is no single answer. If the world is to meet the dual challenge, decarbonizing the transport system cannot be a race to a single mobility solution

Energy review

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2019 - Spencer Dale explains the key points

OzHarvest partnership with BP

At the OzHarvest Kitchen, volunteers turn surplus fresh food into nutritious meals

How to use BPme

BPme step by step tutorial


  • set up an account
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Employee value proposition


“If we can keep hiring incredible people, they can keep doing incredible things.”    


Energy illustrated

Watch as BP's group chief economist Spencer Dale talks through the outlook for energy over the next 20 years, whilst Somang and Callum, two professional illustrators take the pen and draw a picture of what the issues really look like.
Energy illustrated
Watch as BP's group chief economist Spencer Dale explains the dual challenge facing the global energy system – the need for more energy & fewer emissions – whilst Somang and Callum once again take the pen to help really bring it to life.
Energy illustrated
In the fourth instalment of Energy illustrated, Spencer Dale looks at the role natural gas plays in the provision of the world’s energy. With renewables becoming the world’s fastest growing source of energy, natural gas provides the ideal compliment in making up the remaining requirement.
Energy illustrated