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BP Plus app

The BP Plus app allows you to pay for fuel with BP Plus without leaving the comfort of your vehicle.
It also has a Store Finder built in to help you find Pay for Fuel enabled stores.
The app also allows you to enter the odometer, registration number, driver id, plus more with each transaction.  
Remember to open the BP Plus app first when you arrive to site.

Three videos on setting up and using the BP Plus app


How to purchase fuel via the BP Plus app?
Simply pull up to a mobile payment enabled store, open the BP Plus app and tap ‘Pay for Fuel’. Select your pump, fuel type and enter your passcode.
When the app indicates that you are ready to start fueling up, then you are ready to step out of your vehicle and lift the hose. (For safety you must leave the phone in the car).
When you have finished filling up, you can leave the forecourt as soon as you're ready. The transaction will be automatically added onto your BP Plus fuel card.

Where can I use the BP Plus app?

Use the in-app 'Store Finder' to help locate mobile mayment enabled stores. Over 700 available nationwide. 

Download a brochure for the BP Plus app


There are two ways a BP Plus fuel card is added to the BP Plus app:

  1. You could receive an invite from your Fleet Manager via SMS*. For more information on getting started with the BP Plus app after receiving an SMS, download our one-pager here
  2. Or you can add your BP Plus fuel card to the app, which sends an email to your fleet manager for approval. For more information on loading your fuel card to the BP Plus app, download our one-pager here.

Got questions?

Are you a Fleet Manager or cardholder with more questions? Check out the BP Plus app FAQ's

BP Plus app Portal 


The BP Plus app Portal is a new online tool to help fleet managers/administrators simplify how they manage multiple BP Plus app users across their BP Plus account.