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BP Plus app Portal

What is the BP Plus app Portal? 


The BP Plus app Portal is a new online administrative tool to help fleet managers/administrators simplify how they manage multiple BP Plus app users across their BP Plus account. 


What features does it have?


The BP Plus app Portal simplifies the administrative side of managing the BP Plus app across your fleet. The BP Plus app portal allows you to:


Scale up app usage by setting up BP Plus app for your entire fleet.

Search, view and remove BP Plus app users from your account.
Minimise administrative workload and approval processes by delegating app approvers.
Download BP Plus app data.

How the BP Plus app can benefit your business


The BP Plus app provides drivers with a contact-free way to pay for fuel with a BP Plus card from a mobile device. Administration of the BP Plus app through the BP Plus app Portal improves the efficiency of your business by:

  1. Getting your drivers on the road quicker by providing them with a way of purchasing fuel on your BP Plus account without the need of a physical card.
  2. Improved accuracy of odometer recordings as they can be entered from within the vehicle.
  3. Deploying the BP Plus app across your business via a simple bulk upload. 


How do I register/obtain access?


Please contact you bp Sales Manager for more information. We’re pleased to offer access to the BP Plus app Portal at no additional cost¹.





Are you a fleet manager or administrator with more questions? Check out the BP Plus app Portal FAQs.



¹BP Plus app Portal is subject to eligibility criteria and BP Plus app Portal T&Cs. Internet data fees and charges may apply.