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BPme for BP Plus

BPme for BP Plus lets you pay for fuel from your vehicle and keep all your receipts in one place

Link your BP Plus fuel Card to the BPme for BP Plus app

Once set-up, simply open the app in your car before you fill up to select your pump and fuel type - then you’re ready to refuel and go!
Simply pull up to the pump at the BP petrol station, open the BPme app and tap ‘Pay In Car’. Select your pump, fuel type and enter your pin.
Once you receive the notification to start filling, all you need to do is step out of your vehicle and lift the hose. (For safety you must leave the phone in the car).
Once your tank is full, put the hose down and drive away – it’s that simple. The transaction will be automatically added onto your BP Plus business fuel card.
BPme for BP Plus stores your fuel receipts in the one place, which makes tax time easier.
Use the Bpme app to find a station that’s Bpme for BP Plus enabled.
Are you a Fleet Manager or cardholder with more questions? Check out the BPme for BP Plus FAQ's