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BP Ultimate Diesel

Restore the performance of your engine and go cleaner, smoother, further, with BP Ultimate Diesel
BP Ultimate Diesel delivers more
About BP Ultimate Diesel

BP has perfected our innovative formulation – based on patented technology – to produce BP Ultimate Diesel, our best ever dirt-busting diesel fuel. In fact, BP Ultimate Diesel can bust the dirt in your engine in just 2 tanks!*


Restore the performance of your engine and go cleaner, smoother, further, with BP Ultimate Diesel.

What is dirt and how does it form?

Harmful engine deposits or dirt form and build-up over time in a vehicle’s engine. This can cause a loss in performance.


Dirt can form and bake on metal surfaces in much the same way as black sticky dirt can build up in ovens and on barbecues. This is a result of the fuels and lubricants operating under the extreme temperatures and pressures inside the engine.


Dirt is a hidden enemy that could be lurking in your engine. When it builds up on critical engine parts, such as fuel injectors, it can contribute to:


  • reduced engine performance
  • increased fuel consumption
  • rough running
  • critical engine parts, such as fuel injectors, needing repair


A build-up of dirt can create more dirt within the engine – it’s a vicious cycle.

What does dirt do to your diesel engine?

For diesel engines to perform as the manufacturer intended, the critical components that need to be kept clean are the fuel injectors.


In current direct injection diesel engines, fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber. The fuel is forced though tiny holes – smaller than the width of a human hair – on the injector tip at high pressure to achieve good evaporation. Dirt that forms and builds up in the fuel injector holes can interfere with this process, restricting fuel flow and leading to an uneven spray which doesn’t burn as efficiently.


As a result, your car’s performance may suffer and it might run less effectively with increased fuel consumption. Important parts of the engine might need repair or replacement and could even lead to breakdown.

How does BP Ultimate Diesel bust dirt?

The advanced formulation of BP Ultimate Diesel contains millions of molecules that actively drag away dirt from critical engine components and carry it through to your combustion chamber where it is harmlessly burnt. In addition, Ultimate’s advanced molecules form a protective coating on the metal surfaces to help stop dirt forming again.


BP Ultimate Diesel contains BP’s best ever dirt-busting technology and can bust the dirt in your engine in just 2 tanks of fuel. *

What are the benefits of BP Ultimate Diesel for diesel engines?

BP Ultimate Diesel starts fighting the effects of dirt the moment you start your car and is specially designed to restore lost fuel economy.


Use BP Ultimate Diesel every time you fill up to help your car stay healthy and running efficiently. With ongoing use, BP Ultimate Diesel helps:


  • maximise the performance of your engine
  • give you more kilometres per tank
  • give you a smoother drive
  • keep your engine running as the manufacturer intended
  • reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance or break downs


Try BP Ultimate Diesel, busts dirt in just 2 tanks.*

* Based on a vehicle range of at least 850 km per tank for diesel.