BPme for BP Plus

BPme for BP Plus lets you pay for fuel from your vehicle and keep all your receipts in one place. Add your BP Plus cards to BPme for BP Plus to save time and easily manage your fuel expenses. Simply open the app in your car before you fill up to select your pump and fuel grade – then you’re ready to refuel and go!

BPme for BP Plus is currently available for selected BP Plus accounts. Simply add a BP Plus card to the app to check your eligibility.


In, out and on your way.

BPme for BP Plus makes filling up faster.

Complete comfort 

No need to leave the comfort of your vehicle for any longer than required.

Easy to keep track

BPme for BP Plus stores your fuel receipts in the one place, which makes tax time easier.



Add your BP Plus cards to the app

and a request will be emailed to your fleet's card manager to approve it.




Find a BP with BPme for BP Plus

Use the BPme app to find a station that's BPme for BP Plus enabled.

How to pay the new way

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Learn how to use BPme for BP Plus to fuel your vehicle and be on your way faster.

How to approve a BP Plus card for use.

When a driver adds their BP Plus card to BPme for BP Plus, the fleet manager will recieve an Approval Request via email. Approval Requests will be sent by default to the most senior BP Plus contact. As an alternative, BP Plus customers can designate a 'BPme' contact in BP Plus Online.

The Approval Email contains the BP Plus card number, driver's name, email and mobile phone number listed on the BPme for BP Plus account. The fleet manager who receives an Approval Request can choose from two options:

  1. Approve the BP Plus driver's request to add the BP Plus card in the app immediatley.
  2. Decline the BP Plus drivers request to add the BP Plus card in the app.

Drivers will only be able to use BPme for BP Plus once the fleet manager has approved the request. Only a single driver can provision the BP Plus card at this time.

Read the BPme for BP Plus FAQ's for more information.


If you have a question...

We have an answer. Check out our frequently asked questions for BPme for BP Plus.                                                    

Apply for BP Plus

Apply for a BP Plus card and get up to 51 days interest free credit, GST substantiated BP Statements and 24/7 online monitoring and control.

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