Frequently asked questions: BPme


What is BPme?

BPme is a ground-breaking fuel payment app that allows our customers to pay for fuel using their smartphone, from the comfort of their car.

BPme is simple to use and it’s free. Perfect when you want to refuel quickly - it’s terrific for busy tradies or for those who have kids (or even their dogs!) in the car.

Available now for smartphone users, you can use BPme at more than 500 (and rising) BP sites across the country. This is just the beginning; there are more exciting features and offers coming soon.

This innovative app puts technology at our customers’ fingertips and changes the way they interact with us. 

What are the benefits of BPme?  

Our research shows that people want time back in their day and they don’t like to wait in queues, and of course we’re all using smartphones. 

BPme allows users to pay for fuel from their smartphones, without having to leave the comfort of their car or wait in a potential queue.

It also stores your transaction history and receipts, as well as includes a station finder function allowing consumers to locate their nearest BPme-enabled site and other convenient amenities, like barista coffee or a carwash.

It’s incredibly simple to use and it’s free. Perfect when you want to refuel quickly.

When I arrive at a BP fuel station, what do I need to do to use BPme? 

A BPme is incredibly easy to use. There are four simple steps once you’ve downloaded the app on your smartphone and added a payment method:

  1. Pull up at a BP pump, turn your engine off and open the BPme app (while in the car)
  2. Confirm your pump number and payment method 
  3. Leave your phone in your car, get out and fill up
  4. Jump back in your car, rate your experience and receive a receipt. It’s that easy!

It’s important to note that your BPme app must only be used inside your stationary car, with your engine turned off.

Why did BP develop BPme?

Smartphone penetration rates in Australia are some of the highest in the world, with 84%* of us owning a device. 

We are all using digital payment solutions to pay for food, clothing and music. At the same time, our research shows that one in three (34%) want time back in their day and that they don’t like to wait in queues.

This innovative and first to market app puts technology at our customers’ fingertips and it changes the way they interact with us. 

This is just the beginning; there are more exciting features and offers coming soon.

* Source: Australia edition, Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Jun – Jul 2016.


How do I know which BP sites I can use BPme at?

BP uses your GPS and location services on your smartphone. 

When you arrive at a site and load the app from inside your vehicle, you will be quickly notified if BPme is ready to use. You can see all participating BPme site locations in the ‘Station Finder’ section displayed in the BPme app. This information is being updated as BPme becomes available at participating BP sites.

I don’t have a BP Plus Card, can I use BPme?

Yes, the BPme app is now available for all BP customers who have downloaded the app to their smartphone, and added an active Mastercard, Visa, AMEX or PayPal account.

Is BP available to everyone? 

BPme is now available to all customers who download BPme via their smartphone. Currently, there are more than 500 (and rising) BP sites across the country with BPme enabled. This number is expected to grow to over 700 in early 2018. To check your nearest BPme enabled station, use the station finder function within the app.

Can BPme be used at non-BP petrol stations? 

No, BPme can only be used at participating BP petrol stations.

Setting up BPme

How do I download the BPme app?

You can download BPme for free from the Apple app store or if you have an android phone, from the Google Play store.

How do I register for BPme?

Y ou will need toregister  register to create a BPme account. Download the BPme app on to your phone and open the app.  The first time you open BPme it will take you through a registration process. To register, please follow the prompts.

What is the SMS authorisation code?

BP takes online privacy and security seriously which is why you are sent a one-off code by SMS to validate your mobile phone number when you first set up the BPme app for use.

What if I don’t receive my SMS authorisation code?

Check that you’ve entered the correct mobile number and that you have phone service.

You can request to have another SMS sent. If that still doesn’t work, give it a few minutes and if you haven’t received the SMS, it could be a fault at our end, in which case contact us on 1300 1300 27 or at

What do I need to create a valid password?

Use a password with eight (8) or more characters. Avoid any obvious words or items that people can easily find out about you such as your name and birthday.

What is my PIN?

When you first login, you are asked to set up a four digit PIN number that you choose, to make sure only you can use your credit cards and PayPal to pay for fuel from your car. Choose a PIN that’s easy to remember (as it is used every time Pay for Fuel is used). 

Your safety and privacy is our number one priority and we suggest to keep any passwords and PINs secure and not to write your details down.

Can I use fingerprint authentication?

If your phone has this functionality you can. Please be aware though that any fingerprint authentication on your mobile will be valid and you are responsible for any purchases made using any fingerprint stored on your smartphone. 

Payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and PayPal

This site doesn’t accept AMEX, can I still pay by AMEX on the app? 

Yes, BPme accepts MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and PayPal at all sites regardless of what payment types that BP site normally accepts with over the counter transactions. 

How many cards can I register to my BPme account? 

You can register as many cards and payment methods as you need (provided the payment method is a MasterCard, Visa, AMEX or PayPal). 

How do I know when I’m at a BP site?

We have a ‘geo fence’ set up around each site - this means when your Location services are enabled in your phone settings, your GPS will tell us when you arrive on a site. You can then use Pay for Fuel on the BPme app.

How do I change the payment type on my account?

You may delete and add cards and update certain preferences associated with your nominated cards in the 'Payment Method' section of the BPme app. Each time you add a new card, you will see a new $1 pre authorisation hold in your bank account. 

Why do I see a $1 amount in my bank account when I add a new card?

This is a pre-authorisation hold to verify your card which the bank will release again. The time it takes for this to be released depends on your card issuer/bank.

Why is BPme charging me $1 when I fill up?

You may see two amounts on your bank account/statement; one for $1 and one for the amount of fuel you have filled. 

The $1 is a pre-authorisation hold to verify your electronic transaction which the bank will release again. The time it takes for this to be released depends on your card issuer/bank.

Why do I see a $1 amount in my bank account each time I use BPme?

This is a pre-authorisation hold to verify your electronic transaction which the bank will release again. The time it takes for this to be released depends on your card issuer/bank.

Why do I see a $1 amount staying in my PayPal account when I use PayPal as a payment method?

This is a pre-authorisation hold which PayPal will release again. Presently, PayPal’s protocol is to hold this $1 for 29 days and it shows as “pending” in the PayPal account. The $1 amount will be released from the customer’s tender type attached to the PayPal account within 3-10 days depending on the card issuer or bank. 

When will the $1 pre authorisation hold be released back into my account? 

BP only works with trusted financial institutions. Depending on the financial institution, the $1 pre authorisation hold will be released at different periods. For financial cards like VISA, AMEX and MasterCard, the preauthorisation hold will be released from the account within 3-10 days, depending on the card issuer/bank. Like all PayPal transactions, your account will show the $1 pre authorisation hold for 29 days and will feature as a pending payment in your account.

We suggest you contact your bank if you have further questions.

Why can’t I add my debit card?

Your bank/card issuer determines if your debit card can be added into the BPme wallet. You can try adding a different card.

Why is my nominated card not working?

You will not be able to use a nominated card if it has expired or has been reported stolen by your bank.

Does BP store or view my payment card details?

BP will never see nor store the details of your nominated cards. Such details are collected, stored and processed by BP's payment service providers, Braintree and PayPal, who process your purchases when you use the BPme app. For further information regarding Braintree and PayPal and how they encrypt and process payment transactions, see the Braintree and PayPal websites.

Pay for Fuel

Can I use Pay for Fuel everywhere?

No. Not all sites will allow you to use BPme Pay for Fuel. Pay for Fuel is available at over 500 participating BP sites (and rising). You can check which sites accept Pay for Fuel on the BPme app ‘Station Finder’ tab.

How many sites offer BPme?

There are over 500 sites Australia-wide that offer BPme and we are adding more every week. You can check which sites accept Pay for Fuel on the BPme ‘Station Finder’ tab and filtering by ‘mobile enabled’.

How can I use the app if I can’t use my phone at the pump?

The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority and we have procedures and signage at all sites to communicate safe practices. Our team is trained to monitor forecourt safety and will intervene if they see any unsafe behaviour.  

Rules about mobile phone usage outside your vehicle have not changed. Customers can safely use the app within an enclosed vehicle with the engine turned off.

What if I choose the wrong pump? Can I cancel the transaction?

You will be authorised for your chosen pump for up to 90-seconds. If you don’t start pumping fuel within 90-seconds, the transaction will be automatically cancelled. A transaction can be cancelled through the app as long as you haven’t yet hit confirm on the transaction on your phone and the pump handle hasn’t been triggered.

How long will my chosen pump be authorised for?

Your pump will be authorised for use for up to 90-seconds from the time the app says you can pump to the time you begin pumping fuel. If you don’t start pumping fuel within 90 seconds of the initial authorisation, the transaction will be automatically cancelled.

Can I get a paper receipt from in-store?

No. You will receive a digital receipt in the BPme app as well as a tax invoice via email. 

Can I fill my car and another vehicle/boat/gas cans etc. in one transaction?

Yes – but as BPme authorises it as one transaction, it must be the same type of fuel being used for each tank being filled. To fill up more than one tank in one transaction, tap the Pay for Fuel icon, make your pump and payment selection and then fill. Do not rehang the hose between filling each tank. The app will time out if the hose is not being used so make sure you move to the next tank quickly and safely. Alternatively, you can fill both tanks in two separate BPme app transactions. 

Won’t this look like I’m stealing?

We expect paying for your fuel using BPme to quickly become a ‘new norm’ at our sites. The app technology enables us to link the petrol bowser to the (mobile wallet in) the app; so yes it is a bit like magic. The app also notifies the site staff that payment has been made. 

We will have plenty of signage at our sites about the new app/payment method and of course our staff know all about BPme. Customers can still give a little wave or thumbs up to staff if they’d like.

How do I view the receipts for my transactions?

Your receipts are saved in BPme and can be viewed at any time. In your account settings, tap ‘purchase history’. Your transactions are organised by date, with your most recent transaction at the top of the list. Tap the transaction you wish to review the receipt for and the details will be displayed. Your receipts will have also been emailed to you at the time of the transaction in the form of a tax invoice. Check your junk folder if you cannot find them.

After I fill up can I email my receipts to someone? How do I do this?

Your receipt will automatically be sent to the email that you registered. 

On BPme, where do I find the price of fuel?

At every BP site you visit, the price of our fuel is displayed at each pump.

I have selected the wrong pump and paid for someone else’s petrol, can I get a refund?

In the unlikely event you pay for someone else’s fuel, you will still be required to pay for any fuel you have pumped into your vehicle in-store prior to leaving the site. If this occurs, please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 1300 27 for advice.

My payment has been declined and fuel has been dispensed. What do I do? 

As fuel has been dispensed you are liable for payment. We will contact you shortly regarding an alternative payment. As this transaction was done via the BPme app you do not need to go into the store. You will be sent a link via SMS and an email to allow you to pay for your outstanding amount using an alternative payment method to the one that was declined. You will also receive an email with the details of the declined transaction. For any further questions, our Customer Support Team is available on 1300 1300 27. BP reserves the right to refer the matter to the local police authority in the event that transactions carried out via a BPme account appear suspicious or the BPme account has had a number of declined transactions.

Why does my app now tell me something went wrong when I try to log in again?

Your account has been locked and will remain locked until your outstanding payment has been paid. At that point it will be unlocked.

How do I know that the email link sent through is not a scam?

BP also has a copy of this email as part of our security processes. Contact our customer support team if you have further concerns on 1300 1300 27. 

Why can’t I just pay in store?

BPme requires payment via the smartphone app and does not involve the store or its customer service representative. Payment must be made using this link to complete your in-app purchase.

Why are you charging me an extra $3?

If you have fuelled and your bank or issuer has declined the transaction due to insufficient funds in your account or any other issue with your payment method, BP recovers these funds through a third party which incurs additional costs. A recovery fee of $3 is charged for this additional cost. 

How long does it take to unblock my BPme app/card after making payment?

As soon as your payment is processed via the link, your BPme account will be unblocked.

I don’t wish to pay via the link, how else can I pay?

If you wish your account to be unlocked, you do need to pay via the link sent to your phone and/or email address. You can use any Mastercard, VISA or PayPal account other than the one that was declined to make payment unless funds are now available on the original rejected payment card.

Can I pay for fuel at any BP site using BPme?

No. BPme is available at over 500 (and rising) participating BP sites Australian wide. The BPme app is also available during the BP site’s usual attended operating hours, unless a BP site has chosen to offer this Service outside attended operating hours.

Once I have fuelled my vehicle, how do I know if the transaction is complete?

The BPme app will notify you when the Selected Pump has been hung up correctly when it displays the ‘processing payment’ screen.  Once the transaction has processed you will see a ‘transaction complete’ screen letting you know the transaction is complete. Once you have seen the ‘transaction complete’ screen on your BPme app, you may leave the site. If you do not see the ‘processing payment’ screen, you will need to re-hang the hose until that screen appears. 

Other purchases

Can I pay for coffee and other in-store items using the BPme app?

BPme has been designed to enhance the fuel payment process for customers nationwide. For launch, we will focus on giving back time that our customers seek through simply and quick fuel payment from the comfort of their cars. This is just the beginning for BPme; there are more exciting features and offers planned for early 2018 – prepaying for coffee is just one of the endless opportunities.

Is the ability to pay for other items coming?

Yes, absolutely, there are more exciting features and offers to come.

The payment wallet platform enables us to add many more initiatives that give you back the time you need on a day to day. Already, we’re exploring coffee pre-ordering, loyalty and promotional offers and even purchasing items in store – all through the app. 

We will notify you of any new functionality within the app once it becomes available.

Will BPme impact your shop sales? 

It’s all about choice. Our customers have different needs and this app supports that. Our focus with this launch is to provide a terrific customer experience. The launch of BPme in New Zealand has actually seen us attract new customers to BP. 

How Does this Fit with Self Check Out?

Self-Check Outs are currently being piloted at a handful of BPs. This enables customers to grab an impulse item, such as gum and a bottle of water, along with their fuel purchase. Just like the Airline industry, where you can check in on your mobile, in person or at a kiosk; we’re trialling a similar concept here – one that gives the consumer the right choice for them on that day. 

General BPme app questions

Is BPme safe to use given the rules around mobile phone usage at service stations?  

Rules about mobile phone usage outside of your vehicle have not changed. Customers can safely use the app within an enclosed vehicle with the engine off. 

Hasn’t it been proven that you can safely use your mobile phone anywhere on the forecourt aka myth busters?

The industry’s standards for safe practices at site will evolve over time but importantly… right now you can use your phone in an enclosed vehicle with the engine off but not outside the vehicle. 

What fuel types are available on BPme? 

BPme accepts all fuel including BP Ultimate, Unleaded and Diesel. LPG and AdBlue are excluded from BPme transactions.   

Do I have to pay for the app? 

BPme is free to download. As with many mobile payment apps there is a $1 pre-authorisation held by your finance provider to check the payment method is valid, however this will be released. The time it takes will vary depending on the card issuer/bank. 

What phone can I use the app on?

BPme is operational on Apple and android phones. BPme is also available for tablets (Apple and Android only). The app is available for iOS versions 9+ and android versions 4.4+.

How much data will it use?

Like most apps, BPme uses your smartphone’s location services and internet data. Costs will vary depending on your network provider and mobile phone plan. Should you have any further questions or concerns, it is recommended to contact your mobile phone provider.

Do you offer WIFI at BPme sites?

Like most apps, BPme uses your smartphone’s location services and internet data. We do not offer free Wi-Fi at our sites. Costs will vary depending on your network provider and mobile phone plan. Should you have any further questions or concerns, it is recommended to contact your mobile phone provider.

Are you tracking me?

The BPme app uses the location services in your mobile’s native operating system when you have the app running or use Pay For Fuel and Station Finder to determine your location.  The app will not be able to determine your location if it is not open.

Are my personal and financial details secure? 

BP follows industry best practice when it comes to storing and securing person information. We work with best in class vendors in this space with mobile wallet provider, payment processers and fraud prevention services. An SMS verification code, as well as an email confirmation link, is sent to the user when setting up BPme in the first place, for dual level security. Users are also required to assign up a 4-digit pin when setting up BPme and must use this each time they fill up. 

If my phone cuts out or ‘dies’, can I log into my BPme from another person’s phone to pay for the fuel?

Yes, you can log into BPme from another smartphone provided you haven’t yet started a transaction. We advise that you make sure you log out at the completion of your transaction.  

How do I quit the app completely?

iPhone users: tap the home button twice. You will see small previews of the BPme app and others you’ve recently used. Swipe up on the preview of the BPme app to quit. Pressing the home key once will not quit the app - this action will just return you to your home screen.

Android users: view your ‘running’ apps. In some phones you may need to go to ‘settings’, in others you will have a multitasking button. Once you can see previews of all the running apps, swipe the BPme app preview left or right and off the screen.

When the BPme app, is reopened it will be back to the start screen. If it’s still showing where you got stuck, you haven’t quit it properly and should repeat the steps above.

What do I do if my phone is stolen or if there is a risk of unauthorised transactions e.g. someone has got my details?

You must notify BP immediately by calling 1300 130 027, and request cancellation or temporary suspension of your BPme account. You must also advise BP by emailing

I have lost my phone and it looks like someone else has used my credit card through BPme. Do I need to pay? 

You will need to pay for any transactions made up until the end of the day that you contact BP to cancel your credit card in BPme. You need to contact BP via email on to cancel your BPme account.  We recommend you contact your Bank if you believe your card has been used in an unauthorised manner.

Am I liable for any transactions after I suspend or cancel my BPme account?

You will not be liable for any unauthorised transactions made on and from the working day after BP has received receipt of a cancellation request from you by email.  For example, if BP receives a cancellation request by email on a Monday, the cancellation date will be the Tuesday.

Can I use BPme on a motorbike?

No. Mobiles can only be used at a BP site from inside your car or in the store and as such you cannot use BPme to fill your motorbike.

Is BP collecting my personal information?

BP is collecting your personal information in connection with the BPme app. This includes:

(a) the details you provide when registering to use the BPme app;

(b) geographic information when you use the Pay for Fuel and Station Finder or have the BPme app running;

(c) transaction information relating to your use of the BPme app (including transaction type, date, time and value);

(d) credit checks and checks related to fraud (for example credit card fraud); and

(e) information about your mobile device.

Your personal information will be collected, stored and used in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

BP does not receive or store credit card details. These are securely stored with the payment processor and are tokenised to ensure they cannot be identified.

How do I terminate my BPme account?

You can delete the BPme app on your mobile device at any time.  You must notify BP by email to if you wish to permanently delete your BPme account.  Upon cancellation of your BPme account, your login details and other information contained within the BPme app and any other BP Services using the same login details will be permanently deleted.

Who do I contact if I have BPme account or use questions?

If you have any questions about these FAQ’s, T&C’s, the BPme app generally, or you wish to notify us of any of the matters referred to in these terms, please contact BP at

Other pay for fuel technology available

Paying at the pump has been around for years, what makes this app different?

BPme stores your preferred card info in a secure mobile wallet and allows you to pay from the comfort of your vehicle – no more fumbling for your handbag or wallet. You also get the benefit of tracking your fuel expenses and receipts. This is just the beginning, more exciting features and offers are coming soon.

Mobil had Pay at Pump 10 years ago and Caltex has it again, why is this any different?

We have developed a more seamless and innovative customer experience, where everything you could possibly need can be done from your smartphone, inside your car. 

One of these benefits is that you can view your receipts and transaction history all from within the app – no need to go to your online banking or try to find the receipts. 

We’re also delighted to now be offering BPme on such a significant scale of 500 (and rising!). This is just the beginning; there are more exciting features and offers coming soon.

Lots of brands are now doing this, what is BP’s unique selling proposition?

We’re proud to have been the first to the Australian market with the launch of BPme in August 2016. Our research shows that people want time back in their day and that they don’t like to wait in queues, and of course we’re all using smartphones.  

We’ve listened to our customers and undergone further testing to ensure we’re constantly innovating and bringing new and simple offerings to market that help our customers. 

This innovative app puts technology at our customers’ fingertips and changes the way they interact with us. 

This is just the beginning, there are more exciting features and offers coming soon. 

7-Eleven has the fixed price offer – how does BPme compare?   

There are a number of different pricing apps and services available right now, which is great for consumers and you can expect to see more innovation from our industry. BPme allows our customers to pay for fuel via their smartphone, from the comfort of their car. 

There’s also the benefit of being able to track your fuel expenses and receipts. We will make store offers and features available within BPme over the coming months.

I live in South Australia, why is BPme not available to me?

BP has hundreds of fuel stations around the country, but not all of them are company owned and operated. 

We are working closely with a number of independent business owners in South Australia that are part of our network, and where possible will try to ensure the offering is consistent. We will share further information about BPme to South Australian s as soon as possible.


Does your Velocity program link to BPme or any other rewards programs?

BPme is currently only available to purchase fuel BP customers. While this is currently the case, there are endless opportunities that BPme provides and working with our product development teams, dealers, and of course feedback from customers, we’re excited to continually evolve and remain the market leader.

Support for technical issues

My phone died during the transaction. What happens now?

If you have already authorised the transaction, you will be able to pump your fuel and you should receive a receipt. You can check the pump transaction on your phone when it’s recharged. 

My phone froze during the transaction. What happens now?

If your phone coverage is poor or has been interrupted, BPme may disconnect. If you haven’t pumped fuel, you will not be able to progress via the BPme app and you will need to go into the store to pay. You will receive the message ‘We seem to have a technical problem. Please try again or fill and pay in store.’

If you have already pumped your fuel, the BPme app will attempt to reconnect and complete the transaction. If you have received the message ‘We seem to have a delay processing your transaction. We'll keep trying and email you a receipt as soon as possible,' we will provide you with confirmation of your transaction as soon as it can be processed. If the transaction cannot be propcessed, an alternative way to pay will be arranged.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact BP at