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Fuel Price Guarantee

Help secure fuel costs across your entire fleet with the BP Fuel Price Guarantee

What protects your business when fuel prices increase?

Fuel is one of the biggest cost elements in the fleet budget. Exercising control over consumption and cost is an essential part of managing a fleet. Fuel price volatility can have a fundamental impact on your business's profitability, cash flow, competitiveness and overall ability to do business.



Control of fuel spend

BP's Fuel Price Guarantee (FPG) pricing option is a new unique way to cap the price you pay on regular diesel whilst still being able to benefit if prices drop. This allows you to protect your business against potential rising regular diesel prices by capping the price* you pay for fuel purchased at any BP station in the UK over a 12 month period.



How you can benefit from BP's Fuel Price Guarantee pricing option:

  • Protection against rising price changes
  • Help determine and achieve budget targets
  • Help to secure your company's competitiveness
  • Provide profit margin protection


Capped Pricing

A capped price set for up to 12 months, guaranteeing you will never pay more than the cap price when your drivers refuel with regular diesel at BP*. This will help you budget your fuel spend.

Cost Control

Enables the freedom to automatically pay the pump price when it’s lower than the capped price, protecting your business from rising fuel costs.


Drivers can choose to refuel where is convenient for them saving time and dead mileage as the price cap is applied to all BP sites.

*Capped price is net of VAT. Duty is excluded from the protection.