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Business and private mileage capture

Only pay for business mileage, every trip

Your drivers can use our mileage capture tool to record, manage and submit their business and private mileage quickly and securely.


Simple to use and designed to help you meet HMRC guidelines, it removes the problem of over and under reimbursement of business fuel costs, and can dramatically cut the admin time needed to submit and process claims.


Enjoy more effective cost control of the miles your employees drive.

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Less admin for everyone

  • Fully automated, faster and cheaper than paper-based systems.
  • Mileage details can be entered by phone.
  • No need to make repeated calculations of pence per mile reimbursement scales.
  • Clear record of the split between business and private mileage, helping you meet statutory requirements.



Accurate and fair

  • GPS used to track every journey, with start and finish points accurate to a few metres.
  • Drivers charged individual cost per mile, reflecting vehicle choice, fuel type and driving style.



How it works

  • GPS dongle inserted into the car’s USB port or cigarette lighter via an adapter.
  • Driver plugs the dongle into their PC and each journey is uploaded to their mileage capture portal and marked as either business or private.
  • Your administrator then checks business mileage claims and approves or queries as needed.



Is the BP mileage capture tool right for my business?

Our tool can be used by any employee who drives for business reasons, including company car drivers, those with a cash allowance, grey fleet and employee car ownership scheme drivers.