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Fuel and charge card for your business

bp and Ciceley Commercials have joined to bring you a tailored solution

Apply now or contact us
Choose whether you would like to apply now online for your business fuel card or you prefer to talk to us.
Maximize your benefits

More cost savings and prescribed limit up to £1500 a week with weekly invoices

Get useful discounts. Consistent control and intelligent management with the bp card help you reduce your fleet's fuel consumption.

Carbon offsetting opt-in

Lower emissions without additional contracts with bp Target Neutral, our carbon offsetting service. Just tick the box to opt-in the service when you apply online.

Convenient digital solutions

Manage your cards with fast, simple and secure online tools. You can also use our mobile fuel payment app to make more secure and cashless payments and monitor your transactions.

Start your electrification journey

The word 'charge' is in the name of our small business card for a reason. Whenever you're ready to switch to electric vehicles (EV), you can keep using the same card for both your fuel and charging needs.

Click here to download more information on the benefits of the Fuel & Charge card
Pricing conditions

No card fees or minimum usage fees are applicable for any account registered through the Ciceley Commercials Partnership.

Pricing effective from W/C 02/10/2023:

  • Diesel - 158.42 ppl inc VAT
  • Unleaded - 152.05 ppl inc VAT

Please contact your Ciceley Commercials Account Manager if you operate a fleet of 10 or more vehicles.

Find your nearest bp site

We have over 1,200 bp branded service stations across the UK serving more than seven million customers each week with quality fuels, including bp Ultimate, and everyday convenience. Find your nearest one on our live map.


We’ll also keep you moving with access to over 12,000 public charging points across the UK, from bp Pulse and third-party networks, including operators Ionity, Osprey, Fastned, Chargepoint EV, EB Charging, EV Box and Allego.


Find a bp pulse point here.

What is a bp Bunker Fuel & Charge card?

4 reasons why a fuel card is a great option for your business 

Business fuel cards are an easy way to save money on the fuel or energy used by your business vehicles. 

bp Bunker Fuel & Charge card is a tailored solution for HGV fleets and operators, which is adapted to the current and future needs of truck fleets, just like yours.

Why? Here are the top 4 reasons you may want to consider applying for a fuel card.


Reason #1 Save on the cost of fuel

Save on the cost of fuel

First and foremost, a bp Fuel & Charge card can help HGV fleets save money on fuel and products purchased at bp stations.

There are no card fees and no minimum usage requirements, so drive as little or as much as you please. Just use your company fuel card at the bp forecourt and the discount will be applied on your weekly invoice, showing all the transactions made on your bp account.

  • Weekly fixed price click here for full conditions
  • Competitive and favourable pricing conditions
  • HMRC recognised invoices, stored securely online in your personal account, to reduce administration work.
  • Prescribed spend limit (£1500 a week) in place straight away.


Reason #2 Lower emissions without additional contracts

Lower emissions without additional contracts

As a bp customer, you can take part in our carbon offsetting service called bp Target Neutral.

Getting started is as simple as ticking the sign-up option on your online application. No additional contracts or outsourcing to another service. 

Your carbon offsets are available on our 24/7 customer service online portal along with transaction data and invoices.

Reason #3 Convenient digital solutions

Convenient digital solutions

When you get a bp Bunker Fuel & Charge card, an entire range of services and tools are made available to you. Thanks to our online card management, you always have an overview of your expenses wherever you are and the benefits of weekly or monthly electronic invoicing.

  • 24/7 online services
  • Monitor and control all transactions
  • Set up alerts and customise your card PIN 
  • Comprehensive and customisable reporting 
  • Set a variety of parameters to control your spending and detect fraud.
  • bp In-Truck Connect - an easy-to-use refuelling app which integrates into selected truck dashboards with no need for additional hardware. Learn more here.


Reason #4 Support on your decarbonisation journey

Support on your decarbonisation journey

We are invested in adapting our energy options to meet our fleet customers changing needs and support them at every stage of their decarbonisation journey.

  • Alternative and diverse mix: Working with strategic partners and supply chain to enable fleet customers' access to bio-CNG, bio-LNG and HVO alternative fuels 
  • New networks: Aims for a UK network of mobility hubs, along key logistics corridors across Europe, providing fleets with a range of energy options, including traditional fuel
  • Future fuels: Significant investment in supply and infrastructure for battery electric vehicles (BEV) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with several world-class hydrogen projects in development
  • Next-generation solutions: New technology development to optimise TCO. 

Where can you use the bp Bunker Fuel & Charge card?

It is accepted in all UK bp sites 

bp network brings maximum convenience with 1,200+ bp sites, over 70 motorway service stations and 536 HGV-accessible sites, the majority of which are 'A' road-located. 


How can I get a bp card?

Start your online application or get in touch with us 

You can choose between applying for your card today or ask for a callback by clicking on the links below.


The application is a quick and easy two-step process:

  1. Fill out the application. See instructions below for what is required.
  2. We will ask you to validate your identity on the AutoIdent mobile app via a secure link sent to your mobile phone.


The application process takes about 10 minutes, and we aim to have your application processed within 24h.

What you need in advance of your application:





UK company registration number*

*not required for sole traders




Key customer ID information.

Driver license or passport for all key personnel.




Name of card holders/drivers or  vehicles registration numbers.




Registered company address and card mailing address.




Your business banking details.




Mobile phone numbers for all key personnel for SMS verification.

Instructions on how to apply


What am I applying for?
You are applying for a bp Fuel & Charge card, a hybrid solution that allows you to both fuelling and charging depending the needs of your vehicles. All with the same card.
How can I order more than one card?
To order Fuel and Charge cards, please refer to the Fuel and Charge Card order form which is located on bp’s Online Services or please speak to your Account Manager to get a copy of the form.
I have applied a while ago but have not received a card. What can I do?
We are processing all applications as quick as we can, keep an eye on your inbox as you will be notified as soon as your account is ready to use and your card has been posted. On the other hand, if you are not sure if you submitted your application properly, please review your inbox, as you should have received an email within 15-30 minutes to validate your submission.
When I receive the card, do I have to activate it?
The card does not need to be activated – once you have your card and PIN, you can start using it right away.
How to pay with the card?
Use the fuel card as you would use a credit/debit card. Enter the vehicle registration and PIN at the till. You will be invoiced for the amount on your weekly invoice.
How does the invoicing and payment work?
You will be invoiced weekly and payment will be taken by direct debit from your bank account on the due date of the invoice.
I am a self-employed delivery person/owner-operator. Can I apply for this bp card?
Yes, you definitely can! bp Fuel & Charge card is aimed for small fleets, even if you only have one vehicle.