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Toll Collect with bp

Simplify driving through Germany with bp by combining all your fuel and toll payments on one invoice.

A simpler way forward in Germany

Life’s complicated enough for fleet managers without having to worry about separate invoicing for fleet fuel and toll payments. That’s why we combine all your transactionsin Germany with Toll Collect with bp. Simplifying toll processing for fleet managers, this neat solution gives you a quick and comprehensive overview of your fleet spendingon fuel and tolls. Life’s easier for your drivers too. Cashless and automated toll payments enable them to glide seamlessly through Germany. 

Useful links and downloads

How to change payment method to bp/Aral in Toll Collect with bp portal

How to order a bp card for Toll Collect payments

How to generate a Web Authentication Code (WAC)

How to book an individual route in Toll Collect with bp portal

Toll Collect with bp services

bp offers four services for Toll Collect payments: Toll Collect standard OBU and Windshield OBU with bp cards, bp Tollbox for EETS, or pre-booking via Toll Collect portal or app with bp cards.

National driving customers

>=7.5t we recommend Toll Collect standard / dashboard OBU with bp cards

>3.5 t & <=7.5t we recommend Toll Collect windshield OBU with bp cards

International driving customers

>3.5t we recommend bp Tollbox for EETS

International driving customers

(customers who rarely/infrequently/sporadically use tolled roads in Germany) We recommend pre-booking individual routes via the Toll Collect portal or app and paying with bp cards


Toll collect with bp offers customers a range of attractive benefits for fleets of all sizes that travel through Germany and Austria.

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One invoice for fuel and tolls

Reduce fleet management duties and increase control with one combined invoice for fuel and toll payments.

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Higher security

You can benefit from best-in-class security for your toll payments through two-factor authentication with your bp card for Toll Collect payments & Web-Authentication Code (WAC).

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Faster onboarding

The new automated onboarding process to pay for Toll Collect with bp/Aral cards enables close to real-time registration and authorisation.

enhanced flexibility icon
Enhanced flexibility

Toll payments can be blocked by blocking your bp card for Toll Collect payments with no impact to fuel payments.

detailed invoicing icon
Detailed invoicing

Your vehicles’ toll kilometres will be included in your invoices, providing you with a  detailed overview.

toll payments in Austria icon
Toll payments in Austria

You can also benefit from paying truck toll in Austria using your Toll Collect with bp OBU via the TOLL2GO service. Registration and invoicing completed separately.

One invoice for fuel and tolling payments 

With the bp card for Toll Collect payments you can pay for tolls on Autobahns and federal highways, providing your drivers with a seamless driving experience. You’ll benefit from having all fuel, toll and other services on one invoice which specifies the vehicle and mileage data to give you even more control.

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Advanced security features 

Toll Collect with bp now offers two-factor authentication on payments, using a Web-Authentication Code (WAC), customers benefit from first-class card security to help tackle fraud and misuse.

Faster onboarding

The new automated onboarding process for Toll Collect withbp enables close to real-time registration and authorisation. 

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