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Toll payments

Travel through 14 countries with a single plug & play solution.

Onboard module bp-tollbox
At bp, we help drivers make simple, cashless toll payments while providing fleet managers with a range of easy fleet management solutions. 

Choose simple operations, transactions, time-saving solutions and risk reduction across Europe with the bp Tollbox for EETS.

Key benefits of BP Tollbox for EETS

  • One on-board unit – For all countries that are already using EETS 
  • One service provider – Save time with one supplier for your toll needs, instead of managing multiple providers 
  • One trusted partner – Rely on our experience across multiple markets to help you reduce risk, penalties, and fines
Benefits bp tollbox
What's included in the offer

What's included in the offer

We'll help you choose between Basic and Advanced packages, depending on your needs.

  • All bp On Road Services, powered by Trafineo are included, such as ferries, truck wash, and other exclusive bp services 
  • One invoice and one report per country for all tolls
  •  Access to a 24/7 online portal for ordering and managing 
your devices and transactions
  • Free device delivery and replacement