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H2Teesside and HyGreen Teesside supplier registration portal

The Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution established a commitment to work with industry to deliver 10GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030 in the UK, generating green jobs and growth, driving innovation and boosting export opportunities. The target for 10GW of low carbon hydrogen will establish low carbon hubs where renewable energy, CCUS and hydrogen congregate to put UK industrial hubs at the forefront of technological development.


bp wishes to partner with companies that can help H2Teesside and HyGreen Teesside contribute to the Government’s green growth and levelling up agenda. We want to maximise local content in the procurement approach, benefitting the regions closest to Teesside. H2Teesside and HyGreen Teesside is encouraging UK-based suppliers, including SMEs, to register their interest below, particularly those with connections in Teesside.

Suppliers portal

Work with us: Suppliers, we want to maximise local content in the procurement approach, benefiting the North East of England. If your services are of interest, our teams will get in touch to arrange a meeting.