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Our Projects

Watch this short film to find out about bp’s hydrogen projects in Teesside

Power and carbon capture on Teesside

Net Zero Teesside Power


  • Aims to be one of the world’s first commercial - scale gas fired power stations with carbon capture technology.·
  • Could generate up to 860 megawatts of low carbon electricity, enough to power the equivalent of up to 1.3m homes per year, close to 5% of all homes in the UK.
  • A joint venture between bp and Equinor, with bp leading as operator.·
  • NZT Power’s CCS infrastructure could capture and store up to two million tonnes of CO2, annually.

Net Zero Teesside Power timeline

Expected timeline and key milestones for NZT Power

NZT Power among the Track-1 Capture Projects to proceed to negotiations for government funding support, with final investment decisions planned for later in 2024.
Remediation work for the site that will host NZT Power commenced.
Secretary of State granted NZT Power/NEP joint development consent order.

Final investment decision expected in 2024.
Aiming for first commercial operations in 2027.

Northern Endurance Partnership

  • The Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) was formed in 2020 as the CO2 transportation and storage company which aims to deliver the onshore and offshore infrastructure needed to capture carbon from a range of emitters across Teesside and the Humber.
  • As operator of the Northern Endurance Partnership, bp is planning to help build the infrastructure needed to safely capture, transport and store CO2 in the Endurance Store – the largest saline aquifer in the southern North Sea.
  • The NEP holds a storage license for the Endurance Store which has a capacity to store 450m million tonnes of CO2
Northern Endurance Partnership

Northern Endurance Partnership Timeline

Expected timeline and key milestones for NEP

NEP completes public consultation on its proposals.
Secretary of State granted NZT Power/NEP joint development consent.
Final investment decision expected in 2024.
Construction for landfall infrastructure begins.
Offshore installation and drilling commences.
Commissiong of sub-sea infrastructure begins.
First CO2 injection planned.


  • Aims to be one of the UK’s largest blue hydrogen production facilities.
  • Could capture and send for storage two million tonnes of CO₂ per year, via the NEP, equivalent to capturing the emissions from the heating of one million UK households.
  • Targeting 1.2GW of hydrogen production by 2030, equating to over 10% of the UK government’s hydrogen target of 10GW by 2030.
  • Supplying a diverse range of customers, those already established in the region as well as new businesses attracted to this low carbon hydrogen produced at scale.
Pictured: The Net Zero Cluster and Teesmouth area.Picture by Tom BanksCopyright Tom Banks 2023. Licensed to Tees Valley Combined Authority. For editorial and commercial use by Tees Valley Combined Authority only. No third party archiving of this image. No secondary use by any third party without strictest permission of the Tom Banks/Banks Photo. Strictly no syndication without permission from Tom Banks/ Banks Photo

H2Teesside timeline

Expected timeline and key milestones for H2Teesside

We held our statutory consultation on our proposals for H2Teesside.
We plan to submit our Development Consent Order application to the Planning Inspectorate. They will review the application to determine whether it should be accepted for examination and will invite Interested Parties to submit representations.
Six-month examination period starts.
The Planning Inspectorate will conclude their examination of our DCO.
The Secretary of State will announce their decision as to whether to grant development consent for H2Teesside.
Subject to the DCO application being granted, construction of H2Teesside is planned to commence in 2025.
It is planned that H2Teesside would start commissioning by 2028.

HyGreen Teesside

  • Aims to be one of the biggest ‘green’ hydrogen facilities in the UK.
  • Initial planned phase of up to 80MWe of installed hydrogen production capacity
  • HyGreen Teesside plans to deliver up to 5% of the UK government’s hydrogen target of 10GW by 2030.
  • Expected to fuel the development of Teesside into the UK’s first major hydrogen transport hub, leading the way for large-scale decarbonisation of heavy transport, airports, ports and rail in the UK.
Teesside landscape

HyGreen Teesside timeline

Expected timeline and key milestones for HyGreen Teesside

We held our statutory consultation on our proposals for HyGreen Teesside


We’ll submit our application to the UK government as part of the Second Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR2)
The government is expected to make its decision on projects included in HAR2.

What is blue hydrogen?

Blue hydrogen, or CCS-enabled low carbon hydrogen, is hydrogen that is extracted from natural gas, but the vast majority of CO2 produced during the process is captured and stored permanently.


What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen, commonly defined as electrolytic low carbon hydrogen, is made by water electrolysis using renewable power such as solar or wind.