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Partner with us

Hello Indonesia,


bp is opening opportunity for you who wants to have your own service station business. With the increasing numbers of vehicles, don't miss the opportunity and be part to transform a better Indonesia.


bp is committed to continuously provide support for your business growth. Starting from preparing your own bp service station with measured and planned investment. bp service stations are located at growing locations and supported by other professional partners to help provide maximum results for your business growth.


Seize this opportunity and be part to be the future energy with bp!

Source of Income

Today's petrol stations are not just about selling fuel. Customers are looking for a broader range of products and services, provided by people who will take the time to understand and meet their needs.


Selling Fuels

This is bp fuel with ACTIVE technology formula which can only be found at bp service stations.


Your main source of income from the margin per litre that is different from every fuel product sold. With the consignment concept, it will provide a more balanced cash flow for bp Petrol station dealers.


Non Fuels Retail (NFR)

Our mission is to provide "Better Performance Together" throughout the bp service station network. We do this by optimizing bp's strength as a global brand.


When you join bp service station network, you will get the opportunity to be introduced to some of our other retail partners who have partnered and are operating in the bp service station network.


Selling Lubricant

Castrol - a lubricant specialist that has been proven for more than 100 years. The strength of the Castrol brand is designed to complement high-quality machines and ever-changing consumer needs.


We have a Castrol Bike Point that can operate at bp petrol stations, which will provide additional propositions in your bp service station.

Diagram BP Fuels Retail

Partnership Scheme

Partner with us

Development Area

At this time we open the opportunity for You to join and open bp DODO service stations in the marketing area, as follows:

  • DKI Jakarta and Banten
  • West Java
  • East Java

Dealer Partnership Form

Fill the following form to start our partnership.

For more information on partnership, please contact


PT. Aneka Petroindo Raya

AKR Tower, 25th Floor

Jl. Panjang No 5, Kebun Jeruk

Jakarta 11530, Indonesia

Mobile : +62 8111 9900 606

Email : customerservice@bpakr.com