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Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® can take you up to 300 miles farther per year¹

Release date:
20 May 2024
  • Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® can take you up to 300 miles farther yearly, compared to regular fuel in top-selling sedans and car SUVs.
  • bp's "300 Miles Farther" campaign is an unmatched claim that enables drivers to cover more distance between fill-ups with confidence.

bp (NYSE: BP) continues to push the boundaries of driving range thanks to the findings from new research, revealing that drivers can go up to 300 miles farther each year using Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® compared to regular fuel.1


Completed in the fourth quarter of 2023, this comprehensive proprietary research included a range of late-model sedans and car SUVs, representing top-selling vehicles. The results were clear: Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® can take you up to 300 miles farther per year compared to regular fuel1, delivering tangible benefits, and enabling drivers to cover more distance between fill-ups. 


"Our consumers have long experienced the benefits of our fuels in their cars and SUVs. Continuous use of our premium fuel, Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate®, ensures optimal engine performance, providing cleaner engines and unlocking your engine’s full potential2,” said Mukta Tandon, VP US mobility marketing at bp. "The results of this testing are a testament to the ability to drive farther with fewer fill-ups with Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate®."


To help promote this new claim, bp is launching the “300 Miles Farther” campaign, which includes both traditional and digital advertising. This campaign showcases the results of the testing and highlights the tangible benefits of choosing Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® for drivers looking to turn their cars into clean, mean, driving machines, along with more miles between refueling stops.


As a pioneer in innovation, bp remains dedicated to discovering transformative solutions that drive progress and redefine fuel performance. By providing drivers with a reliable solution to meet their evolving needs on the road, bp reaffirms its commitment to shaping a sustainable and efficient future for transportation.


For more information about bp’s latest advancements in fuel technology, please visit bpAmerica.com.  

About bp

bp is investing in America’s energy system as we transition from an international oil company to an integrated energy company. With $150 billion invested in the US since 2005, we employ more than 30,000 Americans and support more than 275,000 jobs. We have a bigger footprint here than anywhere else in the world, and we’re proud to be a trusted partner for secure, affordable, and reliable energy. To learn more, please visit bpAmerica.com.

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Claim is based on continuous use over 15,000 miles and using EPA's city/highway annual mileage estimate and driving cycles. Calculation uses average fuel economy difference between 93 octane Amoco Ultimate® and 87 octane Regular minimum detergent E10 fuels and fuel economy restoration through engine cleaning. A representative sample of late model sedans and car SUVs was used for testing. Results will vary based on what you drive, how you drive, and other factors. Use of Amoco Ultimate® with Invigorate® does not provide economic savings.


Optimizes your engine's performance from the harmful effects of deposits caused by minimum detergent fuels.  Requires continuous use. Results depend on what you drive and how you drive.