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Our fuels

Our premium fuel, Amoco Ultimate®, and our other grades of bp gasoline with Invigorate® help clean your engine to give you more miles per tank.¹ Ready to roll? Amoco Ultimate is available at both bp and Amoco stations. Scroll down to learn more
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Not all fuels are created equal

Some gas can cause nasty dirt deposits to build up on critical engine parts, dragging down your fuel economy¹ and leading to unexpected trips to the mechanic.²

Go with grime-fighting fuels

All grades of bp gasoline have Invigorate®—a cleaning agent that helps defend your engine against dirt to give you more miles per tank.¹ And that means more easy going per tank.

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No premium gas gets better mileage³

Our premium fuel, Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate®, seriously pumps up your engine. It gives you unbeatable gas mileage³ along with instant cleaning and engine protection,⁴ so you get more out of every gallon. And it’s available at bp and Amoco stations for quick, convenient fill-ups.

Helping cars become clean, mean, driving machines

All grades of bp gasoline and Amoco Ultimate premium with Invigorate® help:

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Deliver unbeatable gas mileage³
Protection icon
Provide instant engine protection⁴
Clean-up icon
Begin instant clean-up⁴
Performance icon
Deliver unsurpassed performance⁵

Celebrate more miles. Come on!

Fill up at a bp or Amoco station today.

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Diesel that keeps you moving

bp diesel® is a powerful, reliable, and efficient fuel made with the perfect mix of low sulfur and additives to help reduce emissions and protect your engine.⁶

Quality you can depend on

We are committed to providing consistent, dependable, high-quality fuels. In fact, we're so confident in the quality of bp and Amoco branded fuels that we back them with the bp & Amoco Fuels Guarantee.⁷ In the unlikely event that you experience fuel system trouble due to bp or Amoco branded fuels, we'll reimburse you for the repairs.

BP service station at dusk
¹ Compared to minimum detergent gasoline. Requires continuous use over 5000 miles. Helps restore an average of 3-5 miles per tank that had been lost due to deposits. Based on fleet testing representative of the U.S. car population. Fuel economy can be affected by many factors. Benefits may be more significant in older-model vehicles.
² “Some gas” refers to minimum detergency gasoline. Dirt refers to engine sludge, which can build up over time in your engine, stopping oil flow to critical engine parts, resulting in engine failure. With continuous use, based on your driving style and can be affected by other factors. Follow vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations for oil changes.
³ Invigorate® optimizes your engine’s performance from the harmful effects of deposits caused by minimum detergent fuels. With continuous use, depending on what you drive and how you drive.
⁴ Based on ASTM D6201 engine testing. Results begin with your first tank fill up. 
⁵ Driving performance resulting from engine cleanliness.
⁶ Compares diesel engine performance vs. a gasoline engine with similar displacement, and the higher torque and efficiency typical of a diesel engine. Refers to meeting the appropriate ASTM specifications for this fuel. Refers to modern technology incorporating newer diesel engines, advanced emissions after-treatment systems, and the ultra-low sulfur diesel that enables them to help lower harmful emissions.
⁷ Consumers can call us at 1-800-333-3991 to report a problem. Fuel receipt and mechanic’s repair bill are required. We’ll review the claim, and any bp fuel-related repairs will be reimbursed.