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We offer a range of products and solutions for both paving and industrial asphalt applications. Our Whiting, IN refinery is one of the largest asphalt producing refineries in the world. 


Our convenient, modern, state of the art terminals in Chicago, IL (Calumet) & Bartlett, IL provide flexibility and access to ship via rail, barge, and truck; not only within the local Midwest but throughout the US and Canada.


Our experienced sales, marketing, and technical team provides industry expertise and customer support.

Asphalt specimen

Sales contacts

Business Development Manager

Elizabeth Arratia

Email: elizabeth.arratia@bp.com


Bartlett Terminal


651 Comiskey Road

Bartlett, IL 60103

Calumet Terminal


2835 E. 106th St

Chicago, IL 60617

Whiting Refinery


2815 Indianapolis Blvd

Whiting, IN 46394

BP Asphalt refinery terminals
Product resources

Product resources


bp performance graded asphalt binders are vacuum distilled from petroleum crude oils for use in road paving applications. We offer a comprehensive range of asphalt products to meet PG specifications.

bp unmodified performance grade asphalt binders


bp unmodified performance graded asphalt binders are designed for numerous paving applications and are also suitable for many industrial applications and as the base stock for producing emulsions and cutbacks.

Mixing and compaction temperature guide


Recommended mixing and compaction temperatures for paving applications.

Safety data sheets