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Fuel fraud is a major problem in the transport industry – it increases fuel bills and distorts fleet management statistics. To assist in combatting this problem, bp / Masana offers a nozzle in the tank identification system, which provides the fleet owner with unsurpassed control over refuelling transactions.

What is bp FuelMaster?


FuelMaster is an affordable, fully automated, paperless refuelling system, and provides a proven tool to control one of the single biggest expenses on any fleet’s books. There are no cards, card machines or vouchers.
At the time of refuelling, FuelMaster allows for positive driver and vehicle identification, as well as automated capturing of the odometer reading. It utilises the very latest in radio frequency smart card technology and offers fleet users an on-the-road diesel refuelling system that is:

  • Accurate 
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Reasonably priced

FuelMaster is also a fully secure method of payment for fuel, replacing conventional fuel cards. Details that would normally be incorporated on a fuel card are electronically programmed into the vehicle tag at the time of installation.

FuelMaster – making your life easier and your business more profitable


Key benefits


FuelMaster operates through contactless communication of information and reduces the possibility of fraud. It puts fleet management logistics back into your hands by giving you control over each of your vehicles' refuelling. This fully automated system has a number of benefits:

  • The ability to determine which driver is associated with each refuelling
  • Accurate transaction information and daily, weekly or monthly fuel management reports for each vehicle
  • Monitoring the rate of fuel usage for each vehicle
  • Prevention of costly contamination – the correct fuel is always dispensed into your vehicle
  • Fuel is dispensed only into authorised vehicles – stolen or unauthorised vehicles are hot-listed via the existing banking system, through the central reprogramming of tags
  • Tampering will deactivate the equipment and prevent refuelling
  • Information cannot be disrupted by disconnecting the vehicle’s battery
  • Unique identification tag for each driver
  • A comprehensive network of over 400 FuelMaster refuelling sites


How does it work?

Driver tag

Each driver is issued with a driver smart card or identification ‘tag’ which must be presented to the FuelMaster pump nozzle before refuelling can take place. Communication with the pump is contactless, via narrow band radio frequency.

Vehicle controller system

Each vehicle is fitted with a microprocessor in the form of a smart card or ‘tag’. This is connected to a circular antenna, which is discreetly mounted around the fuel tank opening of your vehicle. The antenna communicates through narrow-band radio frequency and does not require an electric current.


FuelMaster pump

At the bp service station, the nozzle of the FuelMaster pump is also fitted with an antenna. When the pump nozzle enters the fuel inlet, radio frequency communication occurs, whereby the antenna collects information from the vehicle tag and transmits it via the pump to the site controlling computer. If necessary, information can be downloaded from the computer to the vehicle, as there is no two-way communication between the antenna.


Service station computer

The forecourt will validate the tag information against various checks. If all is in order, authorisation is given to refuel. Refuelling will continue as long as antennae communication is maintained. Removing the nozzle will interrupt communication, immediately stopping the flow of fuel. Once refuelling is completed, the details are stored on the site computer.


FuelMaster transaction administrators

Once a day the forecourt computer will automatically forward all the transaction details to the FuelMaster transaction administrators, who will then handle billing and provide accurate and comprehensive fuel management reports.


Bureau Service

A fully managed Bureau Service is also offered to our clients for a nominal fee per vehicle. By signing up for this service, each and every transaction within your fleet is managed, along with the consumption per vehicle, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your fleet. In addition, a dedicated Bureau Service Operator, who will assist in the management of your FuelMaster Transactions, will be assigned to your organisation. 


Anti-Siphoning Devices

We also offer Anti-Siphoning Devices that are compatible with the FuelMaster system, offering another layer of protection for your fleet. The Anti-Siphoning Devices have been specifically developed to work in conjunction with the FuelMaster system, and feature a housing that prevents tampering with the antenna fitted to the inlet of your vehicle.

For further information about FuelMaster, give us a call at 011 544 6300 or send us an email at fuelmaster@masana.biz with your contact details, and we will gladly arrange a comprehensive presentation.


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