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Convenience offers

Convenience Offers

bp’s innovative convenience outlets provide a unique offering through Pick n Pay Express, Wild Bean Café and bp Express.  


Pick n Pay Express

bp Southern Africa and Pick n Pay (one of Africa’s largest and most consistently successful retailers of food, general merchandise and clothing) signed a formal agreement in April 2012. 

The roll-out concentrated on bp service stations that are most suitably located for Pick ‘n Pay customers and are aligned with bp’s growth and investment plans. 

The Pick n Pay and bp Southern Africa relationship dates to 2008 when the partners piloted two small-format franchise stores. The strategic partnership has now grown to over 176 franchise 24-hour Pick n Pay Express stores on bp forecourts across the country. 


Originally opened to satisfy an immediate top-up shop or a quick meal solution for customers, the Pick n Pay Express stores have expanded their product ranges to meet customers’ ever-changing shopping habits.   


Wild Bean Café

Marking its 18th anniversary in South Africa in 2019, Wild Bean Café has become a staple for Avios points for any South African needing a quick quality coffee or snack fix.


Wild Bean Café is so successful that in 2018, Wild Bean Café sold a record 8.9 million cups of coffee, placing it among the top three in terms of profitability for the international Wild Bean Café market.


In 2018, Wild Bean Café was rated as one of South Africa’s Coolest Coffee shop brands by a leading consumer survey.


Wild Bean Café offers a range of coffees, pastries and confectionaries. 


bp Express 

Award-winning bp Express continues to play a part in the bp Southern Africa convenience offer and is targeted at smaller stores, unique locations and compliments the Pick n Pay Express portfolio.

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