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Who we are

Welcome to bp Southern Africa

Over the years, bp has become synonymous with service and product excellence, something its millions of customers worldwide can attest to. Being amongst the leading global petroleum companies, we provide fuel products for transportation; energy, heat and light; lubricants to keep engines and industries moving; petrochemical products for use in day-to-day trivial products; and high-range products including paint, clothes, packaging – to name but a few.

At bp our aim is to treat everyone with respect and dignity, be it a customer, employee, owner or dealer. We strive to run our business in accordance with our core strategic values of Safety, Courage, One Team, Respect and Excellence. These values express our beliefs, ideals and aspirations.

Globally, bp’s network spans over 17 000 sites in over 80 countries across six continents, employing around 80 000 people. bp has operated in Africa for over 100 years, pursuing a range of interests from oil and gas exploration, crude oil importation and refining to the distribution and marketing of gas and refined products through bpUltimate fuels, Air bp, bp Marine and Castrol. After exiting five African countries in 2011, bp continues to invest significantly in South Africa and Mozambique, which are viewed as key growth markets for the group.