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Our Vision

Available sites will be advertised under "Franchise Opportunities for Sale"
Click on the link to complete an application form and indicate the site you are interested in.

If there is no opportunity advertised, feel free to complete an application form (not indicating a specific site, but rather your province of choice) . You will then be notified of upcoming opportunities as per your geographical preference.  
bp is one of the leading companies in petrol and diesel retailing and is recognised and respected for the high quality of its products and customer service, its progressive bussiness values are the foundation of bp's franchise model.
This franchise model strives to enable the bp franchise in maintaining and improving market competitive positions, responding to market demand changes, and fostering positive customer attitude. This is in line with our value of undepinning excellence in everything we do.
Uniting all the components of retail activities at forecourt into a single and cohesive franchise. The bp franchise builds a platform for value creation for the benefit of the customers, you the franchisee and bp.Together we work as One Team.
In all our business dealings, bp is commited to creating wealth. We do this by conducting our business successfully, efficiently and with integrity. Our aim is to reward the stakeholders in bp - our francisees and dealers, shareholders and employees - fairly and to the best of our ability.
bp is committed to the empowerments of historically disadvantaged South Africans as catered for in the South African Petroleum and Liquid Fuels Industry charter, and in this regard will always give preference to such individuals.