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We believe that societies and communities where we work should benefit from our presence 
bp’s projects and operations have the potential to positively impact local communities by creating jobs, generating tax revenues, providing opportunities for local suppliers and supporting community development initiatives. 

We work with governments, non-governmental organizations and international agencies to foster good governance in the countries where we operate, focusing on improving transparency and eliminating corruption BP believes in consulting with communities throughout the life cycle of projects and operations. 

Our ability to operate safely and continuously depends not only on obtaining the necessary official permits from the authorities, but also on the informal permission or social licence to operate that communities in the surrounding area can choose to give or withhold. 

bp’s activities have the potential to impact communities positively and negatively. Projects that are subject to our environmental and social practices are required to conduct impact assessments. We consult with communities about potential environmental and socio-economic impacts and develop plans to manage these.