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About BP Southern Africa

BP is one of the largest oil companies with a national footprint of over 500 service stations comprising of over 200 branded convenience stores, and we are rapidly expanding. Our strategically located service stations offer customers a wide variety of award-winning fuel products, convenience, loyalty programme and friendly service.


We process crude oil at the SAPREF refinery and manufacture lubricants at an oil blending plant located in the city of Durban. In addition to a national network of BP-branded service stations, we operate nine depots and three coastal installations, as well as the largest rail gantry in Africa located in Pretoria with planned upgrades to key depots. 

Safety is the foundation of everything we do at BP, every single day. The company’s goals are clear: No accidents, No harm to people and No damage to the environment. That’s a huge responsibility - one BP does not take for granted. We track our safety performance using industry metrics and work to continuously improve personal and process safety across BP. 

Core BP offers

The core BP offers include:


BP Southern Africa infrastructure

 BP has over 500 branded service stations across South Africa and a 50% share in the largest refinery in Southern Africa called Sapref, situated in Durban South Africa. BP has entered into key Terminal Joint Ventures in Mozambique and South Africa to ensure security of Supply to our growing Retail and Commercial network.  We invest in our terminal infrastructure to provide world class Road and Rail gantries, fire -fighting capability, Tanks and Pipelines to meet the growing demand of our customers.


Award-winning fuels

The award-winning BP Ultimate with Active technology is our flagship fuel product. Its engine performance enhancing properties have earned it the prestigious South African Product of the Year 2017 accolade in the fuels category, hardly a year after being launched into the South African market. In 2019 the South African consumers declared BP Ultimate the winner of the fuel (petrol and diesel) category in the Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands survey. The BP Ultimate fuels have lived up to their quality promise of keeping engines running clean and has become the fuel product of choice for many South Africans.  


Award-winning lubricants

Our lubricant brand, Castrol is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of premium lubricating oils and related services to automotive and industrial customers across Southern Africa. Our automotive lubricants, from conventional to advanced full synthetics, are developed to care for cars, motorcycles, trucks and vans. In 2016, Castrol’s pioneering oil technology saw Castrol MAGNATEC 10W-40 win the South African Product of the Year award in the motor lubricant category, and in 2018 Castrol MAGNATEC won the South African Product of the Year award for most innovative motor lubricant in the fuels category.   Castrol works with leading industry car manufacturers, supplying a broad range of lubricants  designed for particular operating conditions and environments. Many of our Castrol products are recommended by, and co-engineered with major car manufacturers including Audi, Ford, MAN, Honda, Volvo, JLR, Tata and Volkswagen.

Award-winning convenience offer

BP’s innovative convenience outlets provide a unique offering through Pick n Pay Express, Wild Bean Café and BP Express. 

Pick n Pay Express

BPSA and Pick n Pay (one of Africa’s largest and most consistently successful retailers of food, general merchandise and clothing) signed a formal agreement in April 2012 for up to 200 BP Express stores to be converted to Pick ‘n Pay Express stores over five years. 


The roll-out concentrated on BP service stations that are most suitably located for Pick ‘n Pay customers and is aligned with BPSA’s growth and investment plans. The Pick n Pay and BPSA relationship dates to 2008 when the partners piloted two small-format franchise stores. The strategic partnership has now grown to over 155 franchise 24-hour Pick n Pay Express stores on BP forecourts across the country with plans to reach over 200.  Originally opened to satisfy an immediate top-up shop or a quick meal solution for customers, the Pick n Pay Express stores have expanded their product ranges to meet customers’ ever-changing shopping habits. 


Wild Bean Café

Marking its 18th anniversary in South Africa in 2019, Wild Bean Café has become a staple for any South African needing a quick quality coffee or snack fix. Wild Bean Café is so successful that in 2018, we sold a record 9 million cups of coffee, placing it among the top three in terms of profitability for the international Wild Bean Café market. In 2018, Wild Bean Café was rated as one of South Africa’s Coolest Coffee shop brands by a leading consumer survey. Wild Bean Café offers a range of coffees, pastries and confectionaries.

BP Express

 Award winning BP Express continues to play a part of the BPSA convenience offer and is targeted for smaller stores and compliments the Pick n Pay Express portfolio.

Loyalty and Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with leading brands including Pick n Pay,  Discovery Credit Card and Discovery Insure and Pick n Pay have enhanced our customer value proposition, thereby increasing footfall to our service stations. Through these shared value partnerships, customers enjoy benefits in the form of loyalty points and rewards. 

In 2018, BPSA and Pick ‘n Pay extended their partnership with the launch of the Smart Shopper Loyalty Programme, which enables customers to earn 10 points per litre when they refuel at BP. The offer has been well received by the South African market. Offering our customers the opportunity to earn Smart Shopper points just for filling up at BP is a great way for us to say thank you, and to give them a rewarding experience when they visit our service stations. In keeping with our customer centric approach, the points are be available real time - meaning they become immediately available for redemption. Customers are able to spend their Smart Shopper points at any Pick n Pay supermarket or Pick n Pay Express, directly at the till point and vice versa.

Through our partnership with Discovery , customers are rewarded when filling up at a BP service station, and swiping their Discovery Insure and  Discovery Credit Card. Discovery Insure members can earn up to 50% cash back on their fuel spend. In order to create an integrated full-site experience, customers can also earn Smart Shopper points when they spend at Pick n Pay Express stores nationally.  In addition, BP partnered with absa to introduce an innovative smart card solution for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), the BP FleetMove card. This is the ideal card offer for a small vehicle fleet, designed to take advantage of BP’s network, fuel expertise and quality. It offers customers benefits like controlled spending, adding value, fuel expertise, and time save.


Refining business

SAPREF is the largest crude refinery in South Africa, with a capacity of 180 000 barrels per day. It was commissioned in 1967 as a joint venture between BP & Shell.  SAPREF produces 10 main products, namely, petrol, diesel, fuel oil, jet fuel, lubricants, bitumen, LPG, solvents and paraffin. We continue investing in upgrading SAPREF to ensure that we meet consumer demands for low Sulphur fuel.

Our People

BPSA employs about 1 300 people from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds in its offices and depots across South Africa, with most employees based at the Johannesburg, Oxford Parks head office. 

BP Southern Africa’s CEO, Priscillah Mabelane was appointed in September 2017.
Advocate Thandi Orleyn was appointed as Chairperson of BPSA’s Board of Directors in May 2011. 

Building future-fit capabilities and leaders


To thrive in the future as a successful business we need to have the right people at the right place with the right capabilities. Our aim is to lead collectively in an aligned and agile way to unlock the full potential of our workforce., and this requires us to continuously build distinctive capabilities with an ongoing focus on emerging capabilities and develop future-fit leaders.


Diversity & Inclusion


BPSA is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce that will breed innovation. Priscillah Mabelane’s appointment as the first woman in the history of the country’s oil industry to head a multi-national company marked significant milestone in the organisation and industry’s transformation journey. BPSA has made exceptional progress in this area in line with the BP Group’s Diversity and Inclusion agenda. To ensure compliance with legislation, BPSA has set up an Employment Equity and Skills Development Committee (EESD). The role of the committee is to consult on EE plans, SD plans and reports. The committee also ensures compliance and resolves disputes about interpretation and implementation of the plans. The Committee is comprised of HR representatives, representatives from all occupational categories and levels and recognised trade unions.


Transformation and Empowerment 

 BPSA believes meaningful and sustainable transformation. Its transformation journey has focused on four key areas:

Transforming the dealer network.Transforming ownership of BPSA.Transforming the BPSA workforce.Enterprise and Supplier Development.Transition of selected infrastructure and operations in a sustainable manner.In 2001, BPSA was one of the first companies in the petroleum industry to conclude a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) transaction with Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC) and Women’s Development Bank (WDB). BPSA is in the second wave of transformation, having concluded a second major B-BBEE transaction in 2014 with Kapela and BPSA education Foundation Trust. This transaction allowed the previous B-BBEE partners (MIC & WDB) to monetise their investment on BPSA.

BPSA is 25% +1 Black Owned where BP (plc) owns 75%-1 and Kapela 20%+1 share and BPSA Education Foundation Trust 5%. Kapela is a consortium that includes the Disability Empowerment Concerns Trust (DAC). The DAC is a broad-based trust with over 2 million people with disabilities as beneficiaries of which 85% are Black and 50% Women as well as a majority owned and managed equity firm.

BPSA has achieved B-BBEE Level 2 for 3 consecutive years since the promulgation of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, in May 2015.

BPSA has partnered with the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) where we provide grants and loans to B-BBEE entities. We have funded, through a combination of interest free loans & grants, and created access to the market for B-BBEE logistics companies and they are part of BPSA Road Logistics supply chain. To ensure they are sustainable, they were also awarded 3-year contracts to supply and deliver fuel from our depots to different sites. 

The objective is to ensure that BPSA is contributing to the economic growth and transformation of the South African economy through its power as a major purchaser of goods and services in the country and to set out the framework within which the acquisition of all goods and services are to be procured in.  

Supplier Development


Through our Supplier Development Programme, which is aligned to BPSA’s Transformation Charter, we aim to proactively develop our QSE/EMEs by working on a one-to-one basis to improve their performance and compliance thus progressively transforming our supply chain to reflect the demographics of the community we operate in. We believe that implementing and executing the supplier development program is vital to setting up both BPSA and our trusted partners for sustainable success.

Some of the direct benefits are:



Transformation of dealer network


As BPSA, we believe that transformation of our dealer network is a business imperative for sustainable operation. As part of our Retail transformation agenda, we have partnered with the NEF and established an Enterprise Development (ED) Fund, which provides funding to B-BBEE dealers with, specific focus on Black Women. One of the advantages of the partnership is that the beneficiaries are provided with post-investment support, mentoring and coaching on business development, which then improves their chances of success. To date we have assisted a number of dealers with finance.



Terminal operations


To promote and support BP’s transformation agenda in South Africa, we have disposed of key terminals to Black empowerment parties.   These include pipeline terminals that are linked to the New Multi-Product Pipeline (NMPP.)  We continue to invest in ensuring safe and reliable operations at all our terminals and look for opportunities to ensure transformation in the industry on an on-going basis. 

BP Marine barge operations


BP Marine’s South Africa operation uses two barges (small in port tankers taking fuels from shore tank and deliver to a customer ship) operating companies in Durban; which are both level 2 BBBEE companies with women and youth among shareholders. These deliver about 35KT/month of BP fuels between them. In Richards Bay BP uses two barges; which are both operated by a single level 2 BBBEE company and these deliver about 20KT/month of BP fuel.  We also deliver diesel by trucks in the ports of Durban and Cape Town. BP marine uses level 2 BBBEE entities for such road freighting, delivering 3KT/ month of BP fuels. 

Masana Petroleum Solutions


In 2005, BPSA sold its commercial and industrial fuels marketing business to a new black empowerment joint venture company, Masana Petroleum Solutions., which was the first black-owned and managed energy company of its kind in South Africa. 

Corporate Social Investment

BP is committed to investing in the communities within which it operates and believes in enriching and impacting these communities meaningfully. This has led to a firm understanding of local needs and the purpose in meeting broader social obligations that ultimately ensure the sustainability of those communities. The overall aim is to achieve sustainable socio-economic development for all beneficiaries in the belief that this will impact positively on the business itself.

Supporting Education Development


Through the BPSA Education Foundation, BP Southern Africa invests significantly in initiatives specifically aimed at developing infrastructure and educational programmes in under-resourced schools.  Through collaborations with various stakeholders, including the government, private sector and educational institutions, the BPSA Education Foundation contributes towards improving the quality of education in science, technology, English and mathematics, while developing a pipeline for universities

Wits TTP Programme


The BPSA Education Foundation’s (Trust) flagship programme is driven through a partnership with the University of Witwatersrand on its Targeting Talent Programme (TTP). This partnership dates back to 2009 when it first was piloted. 

The Wits TTP programme is aimed at empowering learners from under-resourced schools from Grade 10 to 12 with learning and study skills suited to university education. The programme outputs are commendable in that not only do our TTP matric cohort perform well above the National Senior Certificate average, they have for the last three to four years performed better than IEB averages. 
The programme is focused on learners from mainly rural, no fee-paying schools in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng provinces. TTP also provide in-service training for educators so that they in turn can be able to provide support to the rest of the learners.Top students from the TTP Programme are granted full scholarships to study at Wits and University of Johannesburg. Preference is given to students who will be first generation in their families to get tertiary education. The intention is to break the cycle of poverty in the household so that the one who succeeds in the family can be able to support the rest of the family. Upon completion of their studies, they are not obligated to work for BPSA or repay the loan. re required.

Nthuse Foundation


BPSA is also sponsoring a skills development programme for young people with disabilities in partnership with Nthuse Foundation. Nthuse Foundation is a non-profit organisation which supports children from previously disadvantaged background who have battled at school and would have never been given an opportunity in life. They are then put on programmes which will enable them to grow and reach their potential. They are equipped with skills that will assist them find gainful employment. In 2015, we supported 30 young people and spent ~R1m and in 2016 we are supporting 60 learners. The intention is to absorb some of them to BP employment when they finish the programmes. This will also assist us in meeting the 2% target of people with disabilities.

Learner Focus Week


Since 2013, BPSA has participated as sponsor in the Learner Focus Week (LFW), which is a Department ff Energy (DoE) flagship project focusing on career awareness in the energy sector. The program targets High School learners from underprivileged backgrounds to enter the Science, Technology, Energy and Mathematics (STEM) fields during the winter school holidays.


Nelson Mandela Month


In line with its long-standing commitment to education development, every year BPSA commemorates Mandela Month through learning improvement initiatives.  In 2018, the organisation partnered with the SAME Foundation to refurbish a mathematics classroom at Lofentse Girls School in Orlando East, Soweto, which caters for underprivileged learners. 

Skills Development


BP offers a number of exciting opportunities for students and recent graduates through its Graduate Programme. The programme is targeted at students in their final tertiary year and those who have completed their qualifications but are unemployed. It empowers them with invaluable workplace skills and retains most of them at the end of the programme.

Our learnership programme is a structured initiative designed to fast-track the development of previously disadvantaged individuals and give them the tools and experience they need to grow a rewarding career at BP. Learnership candidates get to work on real projects, deliver real results and learn what a career in the oil and gas industry really means.

Innovation & Technology   

 Creating a culture of innovation and deepening capability to ensure we are well position to appropriately respond to evolving market demands/competition. Today, BP’s Ultimate fuels range offers motorists the best in mobility solutions and the group continues to invest heavily in Research & Development (R&D) globally to provide motorists with the best available fuel technology. New BP Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology, launched in South Africa in June 2016, have been five years in development and testing and are the best ever dirt-busting fuels. Hardly a year after its introduction into the South African market, the product was named ‘Product of the Year’ 2017 in the fuel category by a leading consumer survey of product innovation. 


BP’s cutting-edge Fuels Technology Centre in Kyalami, Johannesburg (one of only four in the world belonging to BP) further boosts the company’s ability to provide differentiated fuels in the South African market.  The Fuels Technology Centre laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited, with over 40 years of experience amongst the team. The laboratory supports the business by conducting quality assurance analysis of petrol, diesel, paraffin, Jet A1 and effluent water. Samples analyzed by the laboratory originates from either BP owned and 3rd party Terminal, retail site, Air BP, Masana and Customer Complaints.  The laboratory participates in three different Proficiency testing schemes to ensure continuous quality work. The laboratory is looking to expand its capabilities by including the Lubes analysis in the near future. The site has a state-of-the-art facility with a foot-count of +/- 2000 customers annually coming onsite to learn about BP`s fuel, get an understanding on what GFTSA and the laboratory does and general meetings.