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bp Express

The grocery range at bp Express shops caters for those unplanned everyday fill-up needs.

The grocery range at bp Express shops caters for those unplanned everyday fill-up needs. In the larger stores, you’ll even find enough to cater for your weekly shopping requirements. From coal and fire kindling to dental floss and toilet rolls, our bp Express shops stock all those practical home and personal care essentials, along with your favourite treats.

bp Express stores are open 24 hours a day, and in most, you will find:  


  • An in-store bakery, which produces delicious goodies: fresh rolls, pies, pastries, muffins, croissants, cakes, etc.
  • A Wild Bean Café, where you can enjoy a cappuccino or espresso on the go
  • A large selection of cold drinks and snacks
  • Household cleaning aids, baby toiletries, health and beauty products
  • Daily newspapers and a wide selection of magazines
  • Tobacco products like pipe tobacco, pipe cleaners, Rizla papers, lighters and gas
  • Lotto tickets, so you can always be in it to win it



Fresh can be found in select bp Express stores and offers customers a range of convenient meal solutions like pre-cut vegetables, salads, fruit salads and a take-home range of confectionery and rolls. 

Fresh at forecourts is a new trend and customers can expect to find these fresh products in select stores, 24 hours a day:


  • Fruit: selected range of seasonal fruit punnets, mixed fruit, fruit salads and cups
  • Vegetables: selected range of seasonal pre-cut vegetables, whole veg, herbs and salads
  • Bakery: pre-packed take-home confectionery, rolls, cakes and biscuits
    Processed meats: pre-packed cold meats and sausages
  • Ready meals: beef stews & curries, rice dishes, lasagne & pasta meals (to be launched shortly)

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