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Wild Bean Café

The Wild Bean Café is where drivers go to get refreshed, refuelled and ready to hit the road again.

Pull in, have a breather and grab a real coffee. Choose from our great food range, be it breakfast, lunch or that all-important afternoon snack – we’ll have you back at your best and eating up the miles in minutes.


The name Wild Bean Café has become synonymous with great coffee made from freshly-ground beans and a wide range of freshly baked sweet and savoury snacks. 


Since its introduction in 2001, the Wild Bean Café has become a leader in the “On-the-Go” takeaway coffee concept with its own 100% Arabica coffee blend.


If you want great coffee and tasty food on the go, you're at the right place!


Welcome to the invigoration station: espresso, latte, cappuccino or mocha – we’ve got the lot and all of them are made with real beans and real skill. Our Baristas use freshly ground Arabica beans to make the ideal cuppa. 


Arabica coffee beans deliver the perfect combination of sweetness, acidity and bitterness. The high natural oil level per bean delivers aroma and a tactile experience – a smooth feel with great body.  


The Wild Bean Arabica blend consists of beans from four countries – all adding a unique taste profile to our coffee: 

  • Tanzanian beans from the Mbeya region give the blend its rich flavour, full body and high acidity. 
  • Beans from El Salvador & Guatemala give the coffee its fruity and spicy notes. 
  • Brazilian beans from Sul Minas impart the sweet notes, rounding and balancing the blend. These unwashed Arabica beans don’t undergo a water process and are dried by the sun, so they add extra body to the coffee. 

Together, these 100% Arabica origins are blended and roasted to deliver the perfect combination of sweetness, acidity and bitterness in one blend. 


All our coffee, and we’re talking every single last bean, is sustainably and ethically grown. Our beans are all UTZ certified – 100% sustainably sourced, meaning you can take a reviving pit stop with a clear conscience.  


Our farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their crop, and the coffee we sell protects the growers and their fields. That means pickers and their families get support with things like education, health and housing – all that good stuff. Isn’t that refreshing? 



We have all the classics: from Mediterranean Chicken and Thai Chicken on Rye to Cottage Cheese & Hickory Ham. We keep it simple but tasty.

Filled Rolls

Our rolls are perfect if you fancy a change. Sink your teeth into our Hawaiian Chicken, Three Cheese, Beef & Pickle or juicy bacon, lettuce, and tomato. 


We are renowned for our pies, available in a range of classic rolls, gourmet pies and pie burgers – perfect for a lunchtime treat or delicious snack. 

Hot Dog Café

Whether you’re after a quick bite or nostalgic indulgence, you can expect the best from Hot Dog Café. All hot dogs are served with delicious sauces. 

Hot Food

For people “on the go” that want comforting, flavourful food. Our Hot Food menu offers a mouth-watering selection that covers breakfast and lunch. Choose from a scrumptious range including stews, curries, vetkoek & mince, and macaroni & cheese. 

Hot Breakfast

Being behind the wheel is no reason to go hungry – rise and shine with our breakfast of champions! Choose from our delectable muffins or, if you’re absolutely famished, the All-Day Breakfast will keep you going.

Hot Lunch

It’s time to revitalise yourself and your passengers with a hot lunch. We’ve got Paninis, toasties, pizza wraps and meaty rolls – all good, no-nonsense tucker for the hungry tarmac warrior (with a hungry troop in the back). 

Tempting Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth and avoid that mid-afternoon energy dip with a range of delicious goodies: butter croissants, Cinnabuns, Danishes, chocolate chip cookies, muffins or a three-pack of donuts. 

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