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Pick n Pay Express

bp Pick n Pay store

bp Southern Africa and Pick n Pay partnership growing from strength to strength

bp Southern Africa and Pick n Pay (one of Africa’s largest and most consistently successful retailers of food, general merchandise and clothing) signed a formal agreement in April 2012 for up to 200 bp Express stores to be converted to Pick ‘n Pay Express stores over five years. 


The roll-out concentrated on bp service stations that are most suitably located for Pick ‘n Pay customers and are aligned with bp’s growth and investment plans. 


The Pick n Pay and bp Southern Africa relationship dates to 2008 when the partners piloted two small-format franchise stores. The strategic partnership has now grown to over 155 franchise 24-hour Pick n Pay Express stores on bp forecourts across the country with plans to reach over 200. 


Originally opened to satisfy an immediate top-up shop or a quick meal solution for customers, the Pick n Pay Express stores have expanded their product ranges to meet customers’ ever-changing shopping habits.   

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