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bp supports metro FM awards 2017

Release Date:
1 February 2017
bp is excited to once again be involved as a category sponsor, at the Metro FM Music Awards 2017 (MMA16) for the second year running. 
Our partnership with the Metro FM Music Awards is motivated both by a deep commitment to support South African talent; and by our own business imperatives. Being sponsor in chief of the MMA’s Hip Hop category makes business sense for bp for the following reasons:


  • bp has traditionally been seen as a brand for suburban markets only. Being a part of the MMAs is a catalyst in building brand affiliation for bp in the emerging middle class market.
  • It goes to work in building a strong future market for bp. Hip Hop is incredibly popular among young South Africans. When we show them through the MMAs that we identify with them, and love what they love, we build loyalty among young people: loyalty that will endure as they grow older, more affluent and influential.
  • It builds our relevance to key target markets, entrenching bp’s ‘cool factor’
  • Our core strategy is to attract South Africans onto our forecourts. We are in the business of selling fuel and attracting customers into our bp Express and Pick n Pay Express stores. Volume sales drive bp’s profitability. Our affiliation and
  • support of the MMAs gives us a platform to build volume sales. It feeds directly into our growth strategy
  • You may have noticed that bp is investing in new properties and visibility in the historically ‘black/township’ areas. We want to fully access this emerging market. Building brand visibility through the MMAs and through bricks-and-mortar investment in these areas goes directly to the heart of bp’s business growth ambitions.
  • Metro FM (speaks to heart of the young, emerging and established market) is the ideal media partner for us. We value our partnership with the station and its listeners, thus our decision to continually invest in it.
  • bp’s business growth strategy is founded on key market insights. The company invests in determining the insights, and mining them in tactical campaigns. Our research reveals that the key market (young, economically active South Africans in the emerging market category) value their independence and their status in the context of the larger South African socio-economic context. Their motor vehicles are central to this culture.
  • bp is South Africa’s number one fuel brand. Our fuel keeps engines clean while giving more mileage. bp is perfectly aligned with Metro FM listeners who enjoy great music; love their cars; and insist on quality. 


bp Press Office, South Africa +2787 357 9374, nelisiwe.masina@bp.com