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bp ultimate with active technology voted best fuel brand in South Africa

Release Date:
1 March 2017
bp’s recently launched dirt-busting fuel, bp Ultimate with ACTIVE Technology, has been named “Product of the Year” 2017 by a consumer survey of product innovation.

Conducted by Product of the Year South Africa, a global organisation that recognises product innovation in the consumer market, the research results were announced at an awards evening held in Sandton on 23 February 2017.

The research process in the fuel category has been conducted in South Africa over the last 9 years and 30 years globally. The winning products for 2017 were selected through the votes of over 5000 consumer households, in a nationally representative face-to-face survey. 

“bp is proud to receive such a prestigious award hardly a year since the introduction of our best ever fuel, into the South African market. This recognition reinforces our commitment to innovation and technical excellence that will enhance the driver experience while enjoying more kilometres per tank,” says bp South Africa Head of Marketing, Tebogo Mekoa. 

Launched in June 2016, the bp Ultimate Fuel with ACTIVE technology have been designed to complement the very latest, high-spec engine technologies and benefit older vehicles, bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology have proven dirt-busting properties. Scrupulously tested by bp scientists using more than 80 different test methods, the new bp Ultimate fuels start working to fight the effects of dirt the moment you start your engine, and with ongoing use help deliver a smoother drive, reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and give you more kilometres per tank*. Up to 56 km more when using new bp Ultimate Diesel.** 

Rigorously tested

bp’s newest fuels have been five years in development. bp scientists have created an innovative formula - based on patented technology - to address the harmful dirt which can be present in engines today. Throughout this process bp has undertaken extensive testing, both in the lab and in real vehicles. Going beyond industry standard tests so as to better represent real world driving conditions, the fuels were subjected to more than 80 different test methods and thousands of hours in engines and vehicles. These ensure bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology really do deliver a cleaner engine – whatever the age of the car.

Dirt Busting

Even a tiny amount of dirt can have a big impact on the performance of an engine, so a clean engine is fundamental to keeping a vehicle working as it should. The choice of fuel plays an important role: helping your engine run smoothly and efficiently, which could deliver greater distances between refuels, and helping reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance, so your car is better protected against the cost and hassle of an unexpected trip to the workshop. 

Active Molecules

bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology work in two ways – the active molecules coat the existing dirt enabling the dirt to be dragged away from critical engine components and also form a protective barrier against dirt to help prevent future build up.

Consumers have this to say about their personal experience with bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology fuels


  • “It lasts longer than other brands and saves money”
  • “Compared to other fuels I have used, I have noticed that when I fill up at bp, my vehicle tends to perform better, I get more kilometres for my money, and the fuel lasts longer. Therefore, I will continue to use bp”
  • “I fill up at bp and my vehicle performs much better and I seem to get more from a tank compared to before.”
  • “It is indeed cleaner petrol for cleaner engines, you also get more kilometres on your tank. Since I started using bp, you really feel there is more power and efficiency on my vehicle.”
  • “Really gives performance to my engine even if I drive Kia Picanto feels like that I drive a big car I’m flying man on a half the amount of fuel.”
  • “I do find that my fuel last longer with the new bp ultimate Technology, my car also has not given me any concerns to have it repaired.” 


Notes to editors:


  1. bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology can give you more kilometres per tank.*
  2. bp Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology can deliver up to an additional 56 km per tank.**
  3. bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology is now available in forecourts across South Africa.
  4. Click here https://youtu.be/m1uhKtyuHBo to see the new bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology television advert.
  5.  Join the conversation on social media at #OurFuelStory


*Benefit is achieved over time with ongoing use, and may vary due to factors including vehicle condition.

**Benefit is achieved over time with ongoing use and based on tests in dirty versus clean engines. Expected range per tank in dirty condition 850km. Average benefit 35km. Benefits may vary due to factors including vehicle condition and driving style.


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