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Frequently asked questions

Is the bp FleetMove card for me?
 The bp FleetMove card is for registered businesses in South Africa with a fleet of cars, vans, LDVs, bakkies, light commercial vehicles, mini-buses, trucks and buses etc.

Applying for the bp FleetMove card is easy. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail or to apply for your bp FleetMove card on 0860 222 456 or email bpfleetmove@bp.com

Because we offer you a credit facility, you will be required to provide some mandatory information. A standard credit application process will apply.

The bp FleetMove card is not restricted to Absa clients and is available to you irrespective of which bank you use or have a relationship with.

We offer you the following two card types:

  1. Fuel, Oil and Tollgate only.
  2. Fuel, Oil, Tollgate and Managed Maintenance Card.
The bp FleetMove card cannot be used at fuel service stations outside the borders of South Africa.
Yes, online reporting is available on the bp FleetMove card. We will provide you with transaction information daily, weekly and monthly.
Your credit facility limit on the bp FleetMove card will be renewed on an annual basis. A consultant from Absa Fleet Services will contact you annually to review your credit facility limit.
You will receive a Contractual Client Invoice as well a tax invoice.

We will provide you with various reports and statements on a monthly basis, which include the following information:

  • Transaction date,
  • Service provider and town,
  • Quantity of litres,
  • Transaction amount,
  • Distance travelled for the month,
  • Running costs per vehicle,
  • Average fuel consumption.

Statements and reports are available to you via electronic downloads as well as emails to any nominated personnel including individual drivers. We will also offer you Enhanced Fleet Management Reports, which include the following information:

  • Daily exception reports,
  • Daily transaction downloads,
  • A detailed monthly tollgate expenditure report,
  • Daily monitoring of transactions by Absa Fraud Risk Division.
All information pertaining to the fraud management or fraud cases, including vouchers and fraud investigation reports will be available to you upon request. In the event that you require copies of the original sales voucher, Absa undertakes to retrieve such documentation from the relevant merchant(s), provided that reasonable notice is given to Absa Fleet Card Services. The timelines for this process will be advised to you upon request.

Open Road Tolling (ORT) is free-flow tolling to enable the collection of tolls on toll roads without the use of toll booths. Users are able to drive through the toll plazas (gantries) at highway speeds without having to slow down to pay the toll fee. The preferred method of toll collection is via a transponder (e-tag) and sensors fitted to the gantries to determine if the vehicles on toll lanes are carrying an ORT tag. 

Absa has developed a solution that will facilitate the management of ORT, thus reducing any administrative burden to our customers and will be offering the following:

  • Absa will reduce the amount of administration in managing the toll expenses separately from the existing vehicle expenses.
  • We will register all your vehicles on their behalf with the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) which has implemented its own vehicle categories so e-tags will be allocated per class of vehicle.
  • All initial e-tags will be issued, per registration by Absa at no additional cost. The e-tags remain the property of Sanral at all times, so should a tag be damaged or lost, a fee will be levied
  • Absa will be managing all disputes on your behalf.
  • The ORT transactions will be incorporated into the existing fleet card expenses/statements, giving you a holistic view of your expenditure.
  • Absa has negotiated a Post Paid solution for the Absa Fleet Card Services account held at Sanral, where all transactions will be settled upfront and will include any discounts applicable. The transaction process for ORT is the same as all other transactions procured through the current fleet card model. Note that the ORT solution is not available on miscellaneous cards.
For the latest pricing schedule, contact us on 0860 222 456  or email: bpfleetmove@bp.com.

The bp FleetMove card gives you the following benefits: