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We have successfully built a safer, more resilient and competitive BP: a distinctive business that is delivering sustainable value for investors.

2Q 2019 results

Midway through 5-year plan, continuing to deliver strong performance and strategic progress

BP is reporting strong earnings, reliable performance and disciplined growth for the second quarter, along with growth in its lower carbon businesses


At the midpoint of our five-year plan, BP is right on target. Reliable performance and disciplined growth across our businesses are delivering strong earnings, cash flow and returns to shareholders. And this is also allowing us to grow businesses that can make a significant contribution in the energy transition, helping deliver the energy the world needs with lower carbon.Bob Dudley,group chief executive


BP acquisition of BHP US onshore assets

East Texas F12 drill site

BP's purchase of  'world-class’ unconventional oil and gas assets from BHP is a move that upgrades and repositions its American onshore business.


Brian Gilvary, chief financial officer and Bernard Looney, chief executive, Upstream hosted a webcast to discuss the acquisition of a  portfolio includes assets in the highly-prized Permian-Delaware basin in Texas and two premium positions in the Eagle Ford and Haynesville basins in Texas and Louisiana.

BP strategy update 2018

Group chief executive Bob Dudley and members of the executive team provided a strategic update for the group 's progress on the medium to long-term strategy laid out in 2017. 

BP's strategy is underpinned by a strong suite of growth opportunities in our Upstream and Downstream businesses, and in due course in the area of Alternative Energy and other low carbon options.