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The board has announced the payment of a dividend following the 1Q 2024 results. The timetable is shown below:

1Q 2024 dividend information

Dividend 1Q 2024 Rate
US dollar cash dividend per ordinary share (in US dollars)
US dollar cash dividend per ADS (in US dollars)
Sterling cash dividend per ordinary share
Dividend event - 1Q 2024 Date
1Q 24 results and US dollar cash dividend announcement date 7 May 2024
Ex-dividend date  16 May 2024
Record date for 1Q 24 dividend 17 May 2024
Scrip available No
Election date: latest date for receipt of DRIP Dividend Mandate Forms/Elections for Ordinary shares 4 June 2024, 5pm BST
Election date: latest date for receipt of GID Dividend Reinvestment Dividend Mandate Forms/Elections for ADSs Contact plan administrators - www.adr.com/bp
Sterling cash dividend per ordinary share announcement date 11 June 2024
Dividend payment date and first date of dealings in the new shares
28 June 2024
All future dates are indicative and subject to change.


Details of the most recent dividend payment


Quarter 1Q 24
Date dividend paid  28 June 2024
Dividend paid per ordinary share (GBP) £0.056825
Dividend paid per ADS (USD) $0.4362

For any questions relating to receiving your dividends, please use the following contacts-


For ordinary shareholders:

Link Group 

Central square

29 Wellington street


LS1 4DL 

Tel (UK): 0800 701 107

Overseas number: +44 371 277 1014



For ADS holders:

JPMorgan Chase

P.O. Box 64504

St. Paul, MN 55164-0504

Toll-free in the US and Canada: 1-877-638-5672

For outside the US and Canada: 1-651-306-4383

For the hearing impaired: 1-651-453-2133