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bp's pride at Stonewall success

21 September 2020
bp has been listed in the Top Global Employers list by Stonewall - the largest LGBT+ rights organization in the UK and Europe - for the fourth year running and is one of only 17 companies to achieve this
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Stonewall’s Global Workplace Equality Index recognizes organizations who have successfully upheld inclusive values and made progress towards LGBT+ equality. It promotes organizations who develop a clear and rigorous action plan for their work across the globe.


Why was bp selected in 2020?


  • Staff Engagement - a global transgender education series especially for challenging countries/cultures was rolled out by the bp pride business resource group (BRG) and transgender working group. This was led by transgender colleague, Bobbi Pickard and gained global internal and external exposure helped by bp CEO Bernard Looney's support during Transgender Awareness Week.
  • Procurement - engaging with bp suppliers in the US and Singapore on best practice discussions of LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace to ensure there is an open dialogue of bp's shared values and behaviours amongst their employees.

The news was welcomed by Terry Yuen, bp Singapore head of country who said: “I’m proud to see how support for LGBT+ has evolved within bp in the region. Guided by our common vision of inclusivity and mutual respect for one another, we navigated the cultural challenge of discussing this topic as a team, proactively training staff on LGBT+ equality, growing our community through external awareness events, and making our internal policies more inclusive to same sex couples in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam and China.  We are proud of our partnership with Stonewall as we continue to embrace diversity and strive to make bp a safe and productive workplace for everyone.”


What makes this acknowledgement special?


  • This index looks at activities from March-March each year using an 88-point plan/benchmarking scale. The diversity and inclusion (D&I) team rely on 100+ bp volunteers globally to go above and beyond their day job to drive change across the 88-point plan.
  • The inclusion in the global list is recognition for the progress made in countries other than the UK. This means that there needs to be improvements and progress in those countries where traditionally inclusive practices are harder to implement.

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