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Venturing towards net zero: Chad‎’s story

3 November 2020
Chad stresses the importance of building a diverse team as bp transitions to become a net zero business
Chad is passionate about people and technology. In his role as senior venture principal at bp ventures, he is able to apply these passions at work every day. A key part of Chad’s role is developing relationships, internally within bp and externally with businesses that develop the game-changing technologies that will help bp to reimagine the global energy system.
I really love the interaction with early-stage start-ups, helping to bring people’s passions to life. The challenge is twofold, firstly, taking these passions and implementing structure, and then secondly, nurturing the transformation from a concept to a successful business. That’s why I love what I do.

Making new investments, and nurturing the growth of existing portfolio companies will play a key role in helping bp to deliver on its wider ambition – to transition into a net zero company by 2050, or sooner. 


Looking at the opportunity ahead, Chad relishes the sense of purpose that comes with this pivotal role:

We are at the forefront of reimagining energy and energy systems. It’s very exciting, but it’s also a big challenge: to move from the production of oil and gas towards the zero-carbon solutions that will ensure we can achieve our net-zero goal.

Fostering growth and development


Chad has been with bp ventures since 2011. Having held a variety of roles prior to bp – including with the United States Air Force – he attributes his longevity at the company to bp’s collaborative culture and commitment to developing its people. 


Expanding on this, Chad says:

As part of bp’s yearly goal-setting process, we sit down with our staff and look at areas they want to grow into. We use this process to expand people’s skills. For me, bp has been great in ensuring that I get exposure to different businesses and ways of working. bp is not afraid to spend the time and resources required to upskill its people.

A diverse & inclusive working culture


Chad stresses the importance of building a diverse team and an inclusive culture at bp ventures. “Our ventures team is very diverse – be it in terms of nationality, ethnicity, age or gender. When I hire staff, diversity and inclusivity is always front of mind. It’s essential in order to truly build a better workplace”, he says.


As bp transitions to become a net zero business, nurturing fresh ideas from a diverse team will be all the more crucial. “The company wants to hear everyone’s voices and there is definitely a “speak up” culture – we have a clear vision and strategy in place and everyone is moving towards the same goal!” Chad says.


Summarising his view of the working culture at bp, Chad says:

It is a great company from a team-working and goal-setting perspective. But it’s also just FUN – it’s great to have real friends at work who share my passions!

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